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Kirkwall Harbour
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Kirkwall Harbour

The Earl Sigurd in Kirkwall Harbour. In the background: Charlie Swanney's shed, and the North of Scotland Shipping Coy's cattle shed.
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Picture added on 28 July 2007
Alongside the ss 'Earl Sigurd' is James Newlands' passenger vessel 'Jessie Ellen' which was built to carry passengers in Loch Ness. She eventually returned to Orkney and was bought by Captain Robbie Sutherland and Partners. Alongside her is George Kent's 'Noup head' which was employed on charter work to the North Isles. Alongside the 'Noup Head' is a shetland skiff which spent a considerable time in Kirkwall harbour that winter awaiting suitable weather conditions to embark on an ocean voyage. I have a feeling she was lost at sea.
Added by Rob Thomson on 31 July 2007
Sandy sorry to pick on your memory but I think this group of photos would have been taken about 1962 or 63. The Sigurd was "laid-up" for a while after the "Orcadia" came into service while the "Thorfinn" remained in service. The "Thorfinn" was older and possibly burnt more coal so she was sold in 1963. I think the Nissen hut & wooden sheds on Kirkwall Pier were replaced by the current concrete stores before 1969.

Added by W Mackay on 01 April 2011
No worries Rob. Feel free. In these early days of photography iIdidn't keep records of what I photographed, so anything in the 60s is a bit of a guess. I began taking notes in the 70s. It has proved to be a Godsend. I recommend it to all photographers - even just the date. It might be useful to someone in the future.
Added by Sandy on 04 April 2011
Couldn't agree more, I have albums of old photos, , where I have to guess times, dates, locations, and sometimes even people!
Anonymous comment added on 05 April 2011
I mind being at Kirkwall pier when the Queen visited in the early 60s and I think the "Jessie Ellan" was there and jist new, might I be mindan on correctly.
Added by John Budge on 05 April 2011
Hi Sandy - 'no worries Rob' ???
Added by Rob Thomson on 06 April 2011
John I think you would be pretty well correct. I can mind Jimmy Newlands smartening up a varnished ring-netter called the "Goldcrest" at the West Pier for his first trial at doing trips on Loch Ness before "Jessie Ellen" was built. Somewhere!!! I think I have a newspaper cutting about that but whether it has a date on it is another matter. After others including the British waterways board with "Scot II" copied Jimmy's idea on Loch Ness "Jessie Ellen" operated a few summers from Helensburgh.
Added by W Mackay on 06 April 2011
I think I mind Geordie Kirkpatrick saying "Jessie Ellen" was built in Buckie maybe Herd and Mckenzie?? Wid that be correct, and where is she now? I saw what is left o Mrs Hendersons 'Pentland Wave'(?) in Lochinver a few years ago, a sad sight, as she was also a smart vessel in her time.

They were both forward thinking owners and ahead o the times with the idea tae cash in on tourism.

Added by John Budge on 08 April 2011
your memory is a lot clearer than mine Willie but I think it was because of NORTH RON that the Thorfinn was scrapped, too big for the pier especially in winter
Added by Billy Cardno on 14 October 2014
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