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M.V. St Magnus
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M.V. St Magnus

MV St Magnus casting off for the last time
Picture added on 20 July 2007
Who left the door open.
Added by William Watters on 24 July 2007
Sorry Sandy but the St Magnus 1V was the last of the St Magnus steam ships and not MV as stated. She was built as the St Clair in 1937 and renamed St Magnus in 1960. Her final scheduled service was in July 1966.
Anonymous comment added on 25 July 2007
See also picture #1146.
Added by Paul Sutherland on 26 July 2007
I was under the impression that MV was the abbreviation of "Merchant Vessel"-not a serial designation.
Ah well, you live and learn...
Anonymous comment added on 27 July 2007
MV is motor vessel. SS is steamship. RMS is Royal Mail Steamer.
Added by William Watters on 27 July 2007
the side door was open as it was against the pier for loading cattle direct through the underpass from the North Isles ships at the other side of the pier // it could not be closed until the ship had moved off from the pier // not carelessness I can assure you !!1 morris pottinger ex whitehall stronsay /
Added by Morris Pottinger on 01 March 2011
Some danger of cattle sliding out nevertheless, Morris, as the sea is sloping towards that side.
Anonymous comment added on 04 March 2011
Whar wid ken the varius nems o the captains o these handsom vessils?
Added by Alfred Hutchison on 31 October 2013
St Magnus was a forgiving sail with a stable rocking motion not a sick enducing waltzer.
Anonymous comment added on 21 April 2022
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