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30th February gravestone, close up
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30th February gravestone, close up

In reply to Alison Ritchie's recent posting regarding the famous 30th February gravestone in the Cathedral graveyard (pic 3157), here's a close up of the inscription.
Picture added on 04 July 2007
Brilliant! I've been vindicated...

I can show this to all the doubters who said "Don't be stupid, there's no such stone!"
Added by Alison Ritchie on 04 July 2007
Have found and come across several stones with odd dates like this in Suffolk and Norfolk - one being the 32nd December!!!!!
Added by Marion Mcleod on 04 July 2007
John Mainland's date of death is recorded as the 30th of January, 1887, aged 35, so more than one error made by the stone cutter.
Added by Marlene Mainland on 27 January 2008
We were always told that if you took a photograph of this headstone, the date would show February 28! Utter bruck of course, as we tried it with a Kodak Disc Camera in 1984!
Added by Al Hine on 08 February 2013
There is a tombstone in the St. Peter's church cemetary that reads date of death Feb. 30th. You can Google it.
Added by Angela on 04 December 2023
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