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Thorfinn FC Junior Party At Lynnfield Hotel
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Thorfinn FC Junior Party At Lynnfield Hotel

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Picture added on 28 April 2007
The big lad in the front. Is it no Dr. Jimmy Gordon?
Added by Barbara on 30 April 2007
Yes I reckon that is Dr James Gordon.Looks like Cyril Parkes standing far right in second front row.In the back row I recognise Brian Kemp, Dumpy Campbell? Leslie Sim, George Stout, Patty Sinclair?Front row I recognise Gary Corsie Davy Fox. Any others you recognise?
Added by Jack Harcus on 02 May 2007
Yes, that's my father -the big lad at the front. He was a big man to me always! It is Davie Fox, on his right and Alan Findlay, I think, seated second right
Added by Alistair Gordon on 03 May 2007
Other people in photo.Eric Kemp, Calvin Slater, Lennie Linklater, Jim Sangster and Stumper Muir i think.
Added by Andy Kemp on 04 May 2007
That is my aunt Margaret Sim (nee Harcus) as was sitting next to Jimmy Gordon. Can we fill in the blanks?
Added by Jack Harcus on 05 May 2007
I was speaking to Bobby Leslie and Mike Drever at the count the other night and I think Bobby said he knew all of them!?
Added by Alistair Gordon on 06 May 2007
Hi Jack, I am looking for family roots in Orkney, My family were from Phara, Eday then Kirkwall. I would love to find some family. I will be in Kirkwall in the summer, Thank you
Added by Jean Imrie Ne Hercus on 16 March 2013
your best bet is to get in touch with Dorothy Thompson (nee Harcus) Her father was a Harcus from Pharay. She lives in Shetland but I'm sure someone in Orkney will know how to contact her.She may even read this.There is also a Bill Hercus who lives in Nairn.
Added by W Watters on 24 March 2013
Thank you W. Watters, I am now in contact with Jack Harcus, I will ask him about Dorothy Thomson,
Added by Jean Imrie Ne Hercus on 27 March 2013
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