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Mystery person from Orphir?
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Mystery person from Orphir?

Another photograph from Mum's (Rhoda Spence, nee Groundwater) archive. This one is a bit of a mystery. I have a name but who is he? I assume that this was taken during WW1 so the date would be about 1915. My Groundwaters originated from Orphir, Scorriedale.
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Picture added on 31 December 2017 at 21:53
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This gentleman's cap badge appears to be that of the WW1 Royal Naval Air Service (now known as the Fleet Air Arm). I believe that badge was issued to those with the rank of Petty Officer, but I may be wrong.
Added by Edmund A. Ross on 16 January 2018
My Groundwaters are also Scorriedale
Added by Isobel l oag on 14 February 2018
Thank you to Edmund for that information. It gives me something to go on.
Isobel, my great-grandfather was James F. Groundwater; he was born at Scorriedale.
Added by Rognvald Spence on 14 March 2018
Royal Naval Air Service Chief Petty Officer's red thread cap badge now very rare. One on Ebay selling for £165. There was a Thomas Groundwater born at Oar in Walls 10.10.1887 which, if it were him, would make the Serviceman in the photograph about 28 years old. Son of William Groundwater and Ann Ward, his gt grandfather, Alexander Groundwater was born in Orphir, 19.5.1776.
Added by Nicol Manson on 30 March 2018
Thank you for that Nicol. I have two Alexanders in my family but born much later. Also a Thomas, born Thomas Groundwater, my Great-great-uncle, born June 20 1863, Orphir. He died on Sep 10 1882 in Kirkwall. He has a sister, Tomima. You might be correct in thinking that his name begins with a 'T'.
Added by Rognvald Spence on 20 December 2018
My great grandfather was James Thomas Groundwater and grandma was Ellen Sinclair Groundwater
Added by Isobel l oag on 17 January 2019
James is a common name for a Groundwater and there is also a Tomima. She married William Slater. My Great-great uncle was Thomas but he died in 1882.
Added by Rognvald Spence on 30 January 2019
Thomas Groundwater, son of William Groudwater, was in the RNVR. His service record is on FindMyPast but his rank is Ordinary Seaman, then Able Seaman. No middle initial.
Wondering how James Thomas Groundwater is linked to Scorridale. He's not a name I know. From a very brief look, I'm more inclined to say Suey maybe??
Added by Jane Harris on 20 February 2019
I came across that Thomas but dismissed him. Thanks Jane. I cannot see him linked to Scorriedale either. I can find no-one in my Groundwater family who could be him. Where is Suey? But the name does sound familiar.
Added by Rognvald Spence on 23 June 2019
Thank you all for your comments. I think that I have cracked it. This gentleman is John Henry Groundwater the son of William Groundwater and Mary Ann Henrie. He was born on 27 Feb 1878 at Suie, Swanbister, Orphir. He died on 31 Jan 1959 in Vancouver, BC, Canada. He married Winifred Dalziel in 1926, probably in Canada. No more information, yet.
Added by Rognvald Spence on 15 September 2021
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