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George Horwood
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George Horwood

George Horwood. Son of Col. George Horwood, laird, Westove Estate, Scar, Burness, Sanday.

Date guessed
Picture added on 15 December 2014 at 15:52
Youngish man with a big 'tache? Earlier than 1920 I'd have thought. Pre-WW1?
Added by Ian Hourston on 15 December 2014
Hello Gordon no problem for you to use the photo of Gordon Edwards, I have the original that my father took. If you need any more info on Sutherland the Plumbers just get in touch.
Added by Edwin Rendall on 16 December 2014
Hi Brian, this photo has more the look of the 1890s, and on checking the Scotland's People website I found that George Faulknor Horwood died of "croupous pneumonia" at 64 Ashley Terrace, Morningside, Edinburgh on 30th July 1906, aged 36. The website also gave me the opportunity to look up the famously short will you mentioned in your paper on the Burness crofters in "The Making of Modern Orkney". It seems Sanday tradition was slightly unfair to him, as it was a little longer than three words. The full will reads: "I hereby give and to my wife £3000 & all my things belonging to me if I should died before I aslo say that my wift is entitled to all. All his hers [these last three words underlined]. [signed] George F. Horwood"
Added by Paul Sutherland on 29 December 2014
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