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Kirkwall Papdale School Concert
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Kirkwall Papdale School Concert

I think it was a circus. I am the strong man in the leopard skin.
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Picture added on 04 April 2007
I remember being the bear chilling on the front row
Added by Stephen Youngson on 31 July 2009
I must be the most laid back bear
Added by Stephen Youngson on 02 August 2009
Hi Stephen, not heard from you in a long time - how are things going?

I remember being one of the elephants but can not remember who any one else was apart from Stuart as the strongman.
Added by Derek Tait on 04 August 2009
Things are going ok, i cant believe its been 19 years since I left Orkney. How are things up there? Have many people left orkney? I keep meaning to come for a visit but never have the time. my e-mail is [email protected] I am also on facebook if any one wants to get in touch, it has been good to hear from you, speak soon
Added by Stephen Youngson on 04 August 2009
Well, there's a blast from the past! Hey there Stephen, how the heck are you?
Let's see if the memory has kept up with the auld age!
I am the one in the *shock, horror* blue skirt in the front row.
The clown next to me is Susan Bruce and the other clown (me mum reliably informs me, although I'm not sure) is Greig Crawford but it looks like him in the dark grey suit next to you Stephen.
Sitting behind Susan is Ange Norquay and behind me looks like Leanne Rendall.
The lass on the end in yellow might be Karen Laurenson?
I can't remember who the other elephant was besides yourself Derek. I'm pretty sure Sean Simpson was one too. Might have been Malcolm Scott?
Back row l-r: unsure, Jill Malcolm or Nicola Bews, Bethany Smith?, Andre Pampel, Peter Sloan, Steven MacGregor, unsure.
That leaves Barry Sutherland, Dylan Rosie, Sandra Tulloch, Mark Goar and Paul Craigie/John Leask if they were still in our class at the time.
I'm sure somebody will be able to fill in the blanks and correct my mistakes...apologies in advance if I've misplaced you!
Added by Olga H on 13 September 2009
Looks like the pianist is David Drinkell.
Added by Jo Jones on 01 November 2010
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