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The Cosmo
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The Cosmo

Craig sends in this Dougie Shearer (I think) picture from the legendary Cosmo, which for our younger readers was next the Post Office in Kirkwall, and was until recently Peace's car showroom, and prior to that The Casablanca, and prior to that another car showroom...

Send in comments about your Cosmo memories. Date here is an estimate, by the way.

Craig writes:

'This was taken at the Cosmo, with the band playing the Nomads, this scene was filmed as part of the short film on the Otter Bank which was released in a compilation video from the Red Cross in Kirkwall a few years ago.'
Picture added on 23 September 2004
The band is in fact the Alphabeats, not the Nomads
Added by Robert Milne on 01 June 2005
Agree - it is not the Nomads but is the Alphabeats. Anyone got any photos of the Nomads?
Added by Marion McLeod on 05 June 2005
Sorry about my mistake with the caption. I am now hoping to get Nomads pictures for you. I made the mistake as the late Brian Peace was in both bands, and I mixed them up. I am married to one of Brian's daughters, Senga.
Added by Craig Taylor on 07 June 2005
Boy front centre dancing is Ian Gibson. His partner is Ida Cromarty.
Added by Fred Grieve on 15 July 2005
The girl on the right is Isobel Cormack or Sinclair as she was then. It would be good to see more photos of the Cosmo.
Added by Anne Spence (nee Sinclair) on 15 March 2007
Does anyone remember Jacko Monkman dancing up in the top right hand corner
Added by M. Gibson on 21 September 2009
I remember Jacko many times at the Cosmo as I played there in quite a few bands. Norman Brass Orch., The Nomads, Spilt Milk, Rogue, The Orcades. What fun.
Added by Ian Farquhar on 25 January 2010
August 1968 a Cosmo night I remember SOME of! Lads with carryoots on the left of the stage - lassies standing around handbags on the right. Then off to J-Cs house for home brew and pass out. Next day heard someone had turned a tractor over going home from the dance.
Added by Roy Adams on 08 February 2010
I don't think the band was either the Nomads or the Alphabeats. Neither had a sax.
Added by Gillies Buchan on 28 January 2011
Not correct, Gillies, as this very picture shows none other than the Alphabeats with Brian Peace playing sax!

The line up are, from the left: Robert Swanney on lead guitar, Alan Keldie on bass, Jim (Mosh) Marwick on drums, Brian Peace on sax and Robert Milne on keyboards.

Please note that Robert Milne himself replied to this thread back in 2005 and corrected the poster, confirming which band it is.
Added by Fred Grieve on 01 February 2011
If you look at alpabeats photo you can see Brian Peace is playing a sax. iiiiii
Added by Ian Farquhar on 01 February 2011
See the comment from Robert Milne. That's him on keyboards.
Added by William Watters on 01 February 2011
It is the Alphabeats. I played guitar and keyboards,and Brian Peace played guitar and saxaphone. Happy days.
Added by Robert Milne on 02 February 2011
Thank you Fred and Ian for the correction. Ian, were you rythm guitar for the Nomads? What became of Roy the lead guitar? Brian was a childhood friend in primary school. Great bass player. Didn't know he played sax too. There were some really good bass players back then ... Brian, Jimmy Park, Alan Keldie. They all knew their way around a Fender Precision. If you want a laugh, do a youtube search for The Human Beast. Yours truly on guitar and vocals. We would not have gone down well at the Cosmo.
Added by Gillies Buchan on 03 February 2011
Didn't Alan Keldie previously play bass with Colin Omond in the Kossaks? Maybe they also had Mosh on drums, but it might have been Nonny Scollay. This is really stretching my memory ...
Added by Gillies Buchan on 04 February 2011
Goodness, it's been a while since I've heard/seen the Kossaks mentioned. I believe it was Nonnie who played drums with them.

Roy Wood stays in Fochabers.
Added by Fred Grieve on 07 February 2011
hi gillies. the first piece of p.a. equipment we bought for the alphabeats was a vox speaker
cabinet from you, see them on stage in this photo
regards mosh..

Added by .JIM MARWICK on 07 February 2011
I played lead guitar in the Nomads. Roy played rhythm. Dont remember there being many Fender basses around in those days.Ian
Added by Ian Farquhar on 07 February 2011
Hi Mosh,

I had completely forgotten about that. But I seem to remember that you went on to buy my parents' house Comyn Vale on East Road when they left Orkney. What became of the place?
Added by Gillies Buchan on 08 February 2011
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