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The Big Tree
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The Big Tree

Memories of the afternoon school break. I was at school with the girls in this picture post card. I can't remember their names though (old age really getting to me)
Picture added on 30 March 2007
Aye, I never kent the lasses' names, but. as a KGS FP laddie 'bout a year ahead, I remember them. Bonnie Orkney country/isles lasses they were.
Added by Sumteeik on 30 March 2007
The yellow and green Bedford van coming out of the close there was our old bread van. The date must be about right because i think it was 1972 we got a brand new Morris J4! Anyone remember them, they were like a Sherpa with the nose cut off! Wonder who that is on the motorbike outside the Atholl?
Added by Paul Groundwater on 31 March 2007
Yes I noticed your van coming out. Could that be John Rendall at the wheel?
Added by Sumteeik on 01 April 2007
Fair chance! It would either be him or John Grant, I think they both drove around that time. John Grant then went on to work in the Town Hall cafe when it was down the Post Office lane.
Added by Paul Groundwater on 01 April 2007
I remember that van. My father, John Rendall, delivering bread to the 'Hope & Burray every day but Sunday. I used to go & help him with the bread boards in the school holidays. Wednesdays was Dounby & Thursdays was Deerness. We also had to go and hunt for Gilbert Hay's van to deliver his customers rolls.
Added by Sylvie Leonard on 03 April 2007
Ah I think I recognise this picture - red jacket - 'Toots' Cromarty, - red mini skirt, the name has gone at the moment but she also came from the 'Hope. The one in the middle (I think) is David Foubister
Added by John Foulis on 03 April 2007
ah wonder who the wee fella with the jeans n black leather jacket on the wall is
Added by Arthur on 03 April 2007
The Big Tree. A Local Hero.

I had forgotten how far across the street its formerly high branches were.

In the summertime, heavy with lush leaves, it used to stretch, in a benevolent way, above all of us as we went on with our own business as we got on with our daily shopping and things.

This picture captures this very well.

Added by Michael Reid on 22 December 2008
Who stole the railings that was round the tree in the 1950s?
Added by Erlend Stout on 23 December 2008
On the left is Jane Laughton of Sorquoy, South Ronaldsay.David Foubister and Toots(Isobel) Cromarty of Hools, South Ronaldsay
Added by Marlene Rorie on 03 January 2009
While searching for info. on Elizabeth Bews Cooke, my great aunt, I found a link in your web site but could not find anything further. Can you help me?

Added by Beverly (Bews) Dahl on 11 May 2010
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