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Ali Batchen and Stella née Simpson
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Ali Batchen and Stella née Simpson

March 17th 1956
I can see Vic Baikie wearing the beret. The Lyness Cinema in the background.
Picture added on 16 August 2012 at 08:53
Not the Lyness Cinema - the roof sections of the Cinema are rounded. At a guess, this building is the boom defence sheds on the Golden Wharf and the 'party' are on the road near the North Pier. It looks like the background land on the right is Flotta.
Added by Anonymous on 17 August 2012
Well by hell the folk aboot Lyness in that times kent hoo tae hiv a perty.
I winder if that is Leslie Wilson in front? and that peedie three wheeler car is like a ane Jimmy Wilson fae Longhope had, though I doot very much he wid hiv been whoopan hid up all night!! A night like that wid feenished him aff..

Added by John Budge on 18 August 2012
You've got it right. Jimmy Hamilton was telling me on Facebook but I had posted on this site by them, me being a peedie 5 year old back then I got a bit mixed up Hahaha

It's Stella Simpson and Ali Batchen heading away on their honeymoon after the dance in the Lyness Hall that went on until morning.
Added by Beryl Simpson on 18 August 2012
Your right John no need for bed and breakfast accommodation for the guests back then, just kept the drink and music going until the morning. It's Jimmy Simpson in the Trilby hat, bit like Leslie right enough. Don't think it would be Jimmy Wilson staying up all night. One time in Thurso I said to his sister Teen Swanson "Was Jimmy always like that" (I was meaning health wise but wires got crossed) "my no" she said "he was the life and sole of every party" Hmmm well I don't know. We're o' the teen generation John that remembers the one dip of the engine, back on and the next time out for good. Hahaha
Added by Beryl Simpson on 21 August 2012
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