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Ali Batchen and Stella née Simpson
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Ali Batchen and Stella née Simpson

8am March 17th 1956
Sandy Inkster, Sammy Walls and Duncan Heddle on the bagpipes.
Ali Batchen and Stella née Simpson heading down the Golden Wharf at Lyness to go away on their honeymoon. Everyone had been dancing all night long at their wedding in the Lyness Hall
Picture added on 16 August 2012 at 08:52
This is the North Pier not the Golden Wharf. The North Pier is wooden and was pretty scarey for a small child seeing the sea far below through the gaps in the decking! The North Pier was used for the ferry service in the mid 50's. In the background is 'Harry Berry's Customs Office', the Cooling Tower which was beside the Pumphouse, now the Museum, and some of the oil tanks. Brings back good memories!
Added by Anonymous on 17 August 2012
was Harry Berry's custom office moved up to the top of Rinnagal pier road?
Added by W Watters on 17 August 2012
Very scarey them gaps, used to pull on mum's arm and she had an awful job with me greetin and Mervyn in her arms. Can see it yet in my mind the sea away down below.
Added by Beryl Simpson on 18 August 2012
The same Sammy Walls seen here playing the pipes carried me as a six year old very sick boy onto a ferry boat on this very same pier and this would have been around this time 1956. I spent three weeks in hospital recovering a appendicitis (Wrong spelling ).
Yes Beryl like you I never liked to go down that pier as a bairn likewise the old pier at Houton was of the same construction and aye thought I might fall through the gaps.
The old north pier at Lyness is no longer used and has the part connecting it to the shore removed, only a colony of "Rittacks" (Terns)inhabit the pier today.

Yes B
Added by John Budge on 24 August 2012
Interested to see this photo. I remember my father speaking about how the dancing went on until the ferry left in the morning. A very good wedding by all accounts. Was this the wedding where a dog made off with meat that had been left in a box at the end of the road for someone to take to the reception?
Added by Jane Harris on 27 August 2012
Never heard that story about the dog. :-) Ali Batchen past away this year. They have lived in Invergordon ever since returning from Canada round about 1969.
Added by Beryl Simpson on 04 December 2015
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