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Cold Finger Pocket Knife
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Cold Finger Pocket Knife

I my young days a lot of men had one of these in his pocket. This one came from James Flett & Sons (Orkney) Ltd., in the early 60s. I think it cost me 12 shillings and 6 pence. It still closes with a lovely "snick".
Picture added on 09 May 2012 at 17:39
My father still carries one. The blade is worn to a quarter of it's original size. Must be 40 years old.
Added by Ian Tait on 11 May 2012
Ian your father must be a remarkable man lucky if I dont loose a knife after 40 days!!.
A very good school pal of mine back here recently took out a peedie pen knife fae her hand bag and said do you mind giving me that knife John,no I said well she says you gave it tae me when we were bairns as I had thought it strange she did not have a knife.
Anna will not want tae see this as I doot that wid be a bit more 40 years ago!!.
Added by John Budge on 13 May 2012
Great gullie! In the 50's every emergent school lad had them, to be flourished instantly if string needed cutting, or gutter scraped off the arse of somebodys breeks from a fall. They were much fancied and entirely superior to any Roy Rogers affair which small boys carried!
Added by Kenny Meason on 13 May 2012
That is super Ian. The blade is carbon steel so takes a good edge. Of ourse it also can get rusty if neglected. My Coldfinger was lost for many years so was not sharpened much. It is a great pity that it is now illegal for me to have it in my pocket.
Added by Sandy on 13 May 2012
No Sandy, it is not illegal to carry it in your pocket as long as the blade is under 3" long and the knife is not a Lock Knife (which the "Cold Finger" is not), I own several "Cold Finger" knives and carry one all the time.
Added by John Manson on 14 May 2012
As an indication of how attitudes have changed, my mother, used since chidhood to the axiom that boys carry pocket-knives, bought one each for my brother and me when we were aged 10 and 8 respectively. My brother's knife went missing one day while we were mucking about with some other boys. He was sure one of the others had taken it and said so, but the suspect vehemently denied it. Back home, he told Mum about it and she promptly went round to the suspect's house and requested return of the knife. The suspect's mother said her son's knife was the same one he'd had for years and she actually brought the knife to the door (my mum hadn't been invited in). Mum saw the knife she had herself bought and said, "Do you know the name of the maker stamped on the base of the blade?" The other woman said she'd never looked, so my mum said, "If I know it, will you accept it's my son's knife, not yours?" She said she would, and when Mum correctly stated the name, she handed the knife over. She then went back indoors and gave her son a good kicking. (Actually,that's just wishful thinking on my part.)
The main participants in this little tale are now all dead. But if the pocket-knife pincher has gained admittance to the hereafter I hope his ears are burning.
One day at school when somebody's pencil needed sharpening, and the sharpener installed on the teacher's desk was found to be u/s, the teacher had me sharpen that pencil, and two or three others while I was at it, over the waste-basket in front of the class. Hard to imagine a teacher asking an 8-yr-old to do that today.
Added by Ian Hourston on 14 May 2012
Remember John that Anna has a special birthday this week. You also tried to give a few accordion lessons to me and Kathleen after primary school in the afternoon, she picked it up well but the less said about my attempt the better!
Added by Beryl Simpson on 14 May 2012
I have me Dads 'cold finger', it still takes a good edge too, he was never without it in his pocket, like lots of guys his age then.

Added by Johnny Johnston on 15 May 2012
I used to have a cold finger knife. When I lived in Shetland, I tracked down one of the last craftsmen from Lockwood brothers who was retired, and he made a few for me. I gave the rest away, and have now lost my own. Does anyone know where I could buy one second hand? I suspect such things are so cherished they are very hard to find...
many thanks
Added by Dan Renton on 29 May 2012
My Grandad just gave me one of these and I found an old rusted one in a wall...
Added by Owen Robertson on 10 November 2012
I was looking at the www for cold finger knives and landed on Sandy Windwick's photo of one. I have had two or three since before leaving Kirkwall School in 1956. The first one got as far as South Island New Zealand and back when I was doing my National Service in the Navy. The first one cost 5/- from Nicol Spence and I can't remember its fate but I bought a second one for 7/6 and used it for years until it fell out of my pocket in either Tesco's underground car park here in Scarborough or in the car park of a local garden centre. Fortunately I had bought a spare (over £3 by then) when we were up on holiday one year and it is still going strong today. I also found a video of one being hand made and there was nothing sophisticated about the man's workshop.
Added by Dave Corse on 04 October 2014
We were looking for information on cold finger knives after Charlie opened the letters with his one. It belonged to his grandfather and was found in a drawer with other pen knives. It is used daily on the farm.
Added by Yvonne Nicholson on 02 December 2017
My cold finger is never far from me. So glad to see others are as taken with them as I am. Mine is 40+yrs old and still going strong.
Added by Leslie Harvey. on 12 December 2017
I have a Cold Finger Knife REGd No 64115 (I think) but it says" DRP Made in Germany" on the base of the small blade?
Alan Mattner
Added by Alan Mattner on 22 December 2017
I have a cold finger knife as the one in the picture.I previously had a two blade version but lost it. I rang a hardware store in Kirkwall to buy my replacement. The guy said right enough you'll want the key shop next door. I'll go and get him. I sent him £10 and he posted the knife with the change sellotaped to the package - wish they would reintroduce them, there would be a decent market.
Anonymous comment added on 26 December 2017
I have a cold finger double knife reg no 64115. Any more info greatly appreciated.
Added by Barbara Arnold on 22 January 2018
I have a Lockwood brothers brass 2 bladeblade pocket knife 6411s/5 c+x on blades as I need a selling price?thankyou.darren.
Added by Darren welbn on 24 February 2018
I have one I bought in Lerwick many years ago can't remember were I bought it I also have my Grandfathers one both have had a lot of use but still take a good edge .
Added by Ian Towriess on 22 March 2019
My cold finger knife recently fell out of my pocket. I have searched high and low, on hands and knees and with a metal detector. If anyone has one for sale, I would willingly buy! Dan
Added by Dan Renton on 01 April 2019
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