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The Willows now
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The Willows now

The Willows as they are now 14/1/12. Look good don't they. Who do they say should never see things half done?????
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Picture added on 18 January 2012 at 11:33
It's good to see the trees have been untouched after the recent storms. Long may they stand!
Added by Neil Johnstone on 18 January 2012
A sight for sore eyes Willie. Hid's good tae see such green gress in January.
Added by Peter Burges on 18 January 2012
look at the size of the bank on the left hand side well the bank on the right hand used to be the same I rest my case.
Added by Billy Cardno on 19 January 2012
We played "jumping the burn" here regularly, all the way down through the "peedie trees". There was a concrete well just before the burn disappeared into a culver at the end and we used to caatch "brandies" in there. The burn looks much smaller now! I went home with wet feet more than once but it was worth it. The Willows was a great place to play when we were kids.
Added by Freda Jackson on 20 January 2012
The burn went on up under the road via a concrete tunnel and could be explored with the use of a torch, that was before the council put a metal grid over the entrance, we thought that we got as far as the water house/ hatchery but who knows!
Anonymous comment added on 22 January 2012
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