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Sandy's weapons of choice
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Sandy's weapons of choice

Old Friend.
Not a lot of these cameras around now. I have put a new battery and a film in this one just to relive the old days. I miss the sound of the shutter – not that Olympus SLRs were noisy. In my early camera days I had a Russian Zenit/h? that went off with a very satisfying clatter. Ah! Those were the days: Expensive mistakes, no computers, the smell of hypo, The Amateur Photographer, tripods, real photography. Digital? Damn good idea!
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Picture added on 19 December 2011 at 18:20
Like your Zenit, Sandy, my first Topcon went off with a bang that made it less than ideal for nature photography , which was largely what I wanted it for. (The industry-leading instant-return mirror was largely responsible.) I didn't have to scrimp and save: the ever-willing British taxpayer had seen to it that I had RAF local overseas allowance (in Aden, which was also a duty-free port) and my wife wasn't there to protest. She and the bairns were still in Stromness awaiting 'callfam' which took 3 months to come through. To be fair to Hannah's memory, she never seriously complained about the cost of photography - she said at least it's cheaper than golf. Fortunately I wasn't into both.
I agree about digital of course. Though almost the last person of my acquaintance to give up film, I'm now delighted to have but a fraction of the weight to hump around: so much of that extra kit has been rendered obsolescent. And I no longer sing along with Snow White, "Some day my prints will come" (or, much worse, slides) only to bin most of them when they eventually did come.
Added by Ian Hourston on 19 December 2011
Ah, My first proper camera was one of these. It was a great little camera which taught me a lot: along with membership of Orkney Camera Club and the above-mentioned Amateur Photographer. I think it cost just over £100 in Comet in Edinburgh. Note the plug in Manual Adaptor which was an optional extra.
Added by Leslie Burgher on 20 December 2011
I still have my Olympus OM2n Sandy which has been retired to the 'antiques shelf' along with several other bits of photo equipment including 8mm cine cameras that we used to have great fun with. Those were the days!
Added by Neil Johnstone on 20 December 2011
Happy days indeed!

I had a makeshift darkroom in the cupboard under the stairs for years, when I had my first SLR, a Zenit E. I used to buy Ilford fp4 in bulk - 100ft at a time if my memory serves me correctly.

Aye, give my my trusty Apple Mac and a good digital photo application every day.
Added by Fred Grieve on 20 December 2011
Ian, contact me via e-mail.

Added by Sandy Windwick on 20 December 2011
Neil, talking about 8mm stuff: Have a look at You Tube, "Kirkwall 1959, parts 1 to 4".
Added by Sandy Windwick on 21 December 2011
'Log-in to server' keeps failing Sandy. I'll add my own email address to this post.
Added by Ian Hourston on 21 December 2011
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