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The beer tent at the Hoy and Walls Show
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The beer tent at the Hoy and Walls Show

Here is a blast fae the past maybe aboot 1962.
The beer tent at the Hoy and Walls Show.
Names that I might have are Left Jimmy Peace?-Wullie Budge(Whur Faither)-Jimmy Pirie-Davy Seatter-??-Jim Scott(Calfie Lugs).
Am I right?.
Picture added on 19 December 2011 at 18:34
?? Is it maybe young Hughie Seatter? and Jim Scott was married tae my mothers half sister Lily..

Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 19 December 2011
Whit a thowt!! I've experienced the "hospitality" at the Longhope plooin match and only chist survived. The Hoy and Walls beer tent wid be an experience.
Added by Ian Tait on 19 December 2011
What a great photo! A fraction of a second that says a lot.
Added by Sandy Windwick on 21 December 2011
I got this photo fae Jimmy Groat fae the shop, whit a peety Jimmy widna pit some o his photography on this site.

Jimmy bought his first good camera from a German bird whatcher who had tae be taken off Switha by the Lifeboat when bad weather prevented a smaa boat from getting back tae pick him up.

This got Jimmy intae Photography and he has thousands o priceless shots fae the 50s onwards.

I think the bird watchers name was "Dachroww" ?its a long time ago as he was taken oot tae Switha by Jimmy Gray and Jimmy died when I wiz a boy!!.

David Waters you'll ken the story aam sure.
Added by John Budge on 22 December 2011
I remember the "Gerry" bird watcher saga vey well. I was on holiday at the Binks at the time. it would have been the late 50s. Jimmy Gray was some character. He had a flattie with a wheel on the front and handles on the back thet he used to push doen the beach at the links and go to the creels. He also used to take milk in bottles to feed the dogs at the kennels below the Binks. He never took the bottles home,instead he chucked them on the shore. there is still a lot of sea worn broken glass there. It's mostly green. wonder why that is!!!!!!!
Added by Willie Watters on 22 December 2011
Mind hid like yesterday John ...... I will support your remark aboot Jimmy's photos..... keep on at him!!
Added by David Watters on 22 December 2011
I remember Jimmy Groat with his camera and Jock Smith had one with a great big flash on top as well so I bet Morna has a few good photos.
Wish Jimmy or his family would put some on.

Mind you I'm not sure if I would like to see a still of the cine-camera shot he took of me and a few others at the Christmas tree New Years Day round about 1970/71 at Melsetter Farm. Last port of call, remember Elma cooking the home cured bacon, what a grand smell. :-)
Added by Beryl Simpson on 22 December 2011
My goodness wan yarn leads tae anither. Jimmy got capsized wae yin "Flatty" jist tae the east o the Links. When he dina come home Cissie got word tae the Lifeboat and they found Jimmy sittan on the budam o the Flatty and had been for some time!!.
Jimmy's main concern was that he had lost five good lapsters and his bicycle pump!!.
Jimmy was a hardy b***er and as mean as cat sh**.
Added by John Budge on 29 December 2011
But at the same time he wis a delightful character - kinna think o' the Orkney words for that!! I mind he wid niver let on how many lapsters he had caught and would say 'Half a bowl full' - pretending that you had asked aboot hoo much milk he had fae the goat!
Cissie hid many a lonely night doon at The Point!
Added by David Watters on 04 January 2012
Jimmy told some men down by the noust that the new magneto on his boat engine was so much better than his owld ane and was only the size o a box!!
What size o a box no ane knew, was hid a match box a shoe box or a tea box!! He made no ane the wiser!!
Added by John Budge on 04 January 2012
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