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A group of bairns in Kirklands Road
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A group of bairns in Kirklands Road

A group of bairns in Kirklands Road possibly 1971.

I have some of the names Steven:

Front left to right and so on - David Campbell, Wendy Campbell (Berstan),Peter Allen, Irene ? (Donaldson) Hilary Donaldson (Rendall), Kristine ? (Corse), John Corse, Frances Rorie (Marshall), Barbara Oag (Corse), Brian Budge, Barbara Allen, Janette Brass (Rorie)

2nd row L-R Lynn Oag (Moar) can see my left shoulder only!Lawrence Craigie, Eric Donaldson, Bryce Wylie, robert Petrie, Bruce Johnston, Mark Smith?, Marlene Rorie, ??,Jan Windwick, Lorraine Wylie, Muriel Donaldson with roller skates on

3rdish row Donald Moar (Poker), Catherine Skea (Craigie), Elaine Grieve, ?? Ian Miller (Mutley), David Coltherd, David Sutherland holding stick, Alistair Kelday, ?Eoin Cursiter, ??, Valerie Flett (Linklater), Pat Stout

4th row - Christine Taylor, being held up by her sister Linda Taylor (Copland),Coreen Daley (Sutherland) being held up by sister Moira Deakin (Sutherland) ? Wicker, Not sure who is pulling the face is it Davie Miller?, Maureen Allen holding on to her brother John Allen.

Dougie Shearer the photographer was taking the picture and is was to be for some advert, any more information very welcome.

[Brilliant picture Lynn - just a shame that is eens fae the bottom o' Quoybanks urna in it as weel! - Steven]
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Picture added on 08 December 2011 at 12:22
I was looking for you too Steven!
Added by Lynn Oag on 08 December 2011
A blast from the past !

Had forgotten about this photo.

Marlene Rorie nee Campbell.

Added by Marlene Rorie on 09 December 2011
My daughter in Nova Scotia thinks Eric Donaldson was Ewen Donaldson?
Added by Jack on 12 December 2011
Lynn, this photo was taken before 1971 as my brother 'Stewart' (not David) had moved away from Quoybanks in December 1969.... Haven't a clue what the occasion was though...!!
Added by Wendy Berston on 12 December 2011
... Meant that to say that 'my brother and I' had moved away... - moved to another area of Kirkwall.. What memories!
Added by Wendy Berston on 12 December 2011
Did not the DJ Ed "Stewpot" Stewart go around Orkney promoting Radio 2's Summer Tour? I seem to mind them throwing badges and such to the kids!
Added by Sylvia Leonard on 13 December 2011
Ah Wendy sorry about the wrong name there, I knew that too! I have missed a couple of names too in about the middle of picture, Morag ? (Flett) and Shona Drever (Lennie).

Added by Lynn Oag on 13 December 2011
In 1971, Stewpot ( Ed Stewart) was the main presenter of "Junior Choice" a Radio 1 show which was shared with Radio 2. I have some photos of another ex Radio 1 DJ, Kid Jensen on Flotta from 1979, I'll see if I can dig them out!
Added by Al Hine on 14 December 2011
Anyone put a name to the blonde hair girl in the middle of the picture? I recognise her but cant remember her name.
Added by Jack on 15 December 2011
The blonde is me.
Added by Marlene Rorie on 16 December 2011
I have many happy memories of visiting my uncle Arnold and Betty Grieve when their family was young at I think No 22 Kirklands Rd.
Added by Beryl Simpson on 16 December 2011
I cant remember this photo being taken but its great to look back at. I think it is Ruth Harrold next to Elaine Grieve and not sure but it could be Colin Taylor in front of me.
Added by Val Flett on 18 December 2011
Brilliant photo so many faces, every time you look you see and fresh face. Girl behind Robert Petrie next to Elaine Grieve looks like Ruth Harrold. Lived across the road from Alistair Kelday.
Can't think of the occasion but bairns from all over the town.
To Jack it's certainly Eric Donaldson not Ewen.
Girl at the very back next to boy on bike is that Brian Budge's sister?
Added by Raymond Grieve on 19 December 2011
Think it was taken 1969.
Added by Marlene Rorie on 19 December 2011
Beryl - Arnold and family were at 20 Kirklands Road. We lived at 20 Quoybanks Cres (the next street) very confusing for the Postie's at Christmas time.
Added by Raymond Grieve on 19 December 2011
Again I have no recollection of this photo being taken. Strange that there are people from all over the town here, but not all the ones from the Quoybanks / Kirklands area of the same age, where this was taken.
Added by Alastair Kelday on 19 December 2011
I'm pretty sure that's my brother Jim Stanger, looking behind him, next to Valerie Flett
Added by Ishbel Fraser on 20 December 2011
Looks like Marilyn Firth from No 23 looking over Elaine Grieve's head and Margaret Budge at the back with the v-neck jersey.
Added by Cathleen Spence on 20 December 2011
Alastair - it's taken in Kirklands Road just down from Lynn's mothers house.
Added by Raymond Grieve on 20 December 2011
Anna & Charlie Miller & family stayed at 22 Kirklands Road and my family,Peggy & John Rendall were at No.24.
Added by Sylvia Leonard on 20 December 2011
I am not sure but the boy to the left of Marlene is not Mark Smith but could be Kenny macDonald.
Anonymous comment added on 23 December 2011
Ah yes I believe you are correct Anonymous! I think it is Kenny MacDonald.
Anonymous comment added on 29 December 2011
Me'n'big sis left back. dont remember this at a, but i do remember loads o kids on the street. Don't see that much anymore eh............????
Added by Coreen Daley Was Sutherland on 30 December 2011
If this was a BBC event, then it is safe to say in light of recent revelations, that no children were harmed in the making of this programme or during the photo taking.

I Still have no idea about this or remember the picture being taken
Added by Alastair on 13 October 2012
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