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Sledging on Pipersquoy
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Sledging on Pipersquoy

Hi Steven , I noticed a recent comment concerning picture #311, and an earlier one requesting a larger version. This is a rescan with a couple of tweaks, perhaps it would be an improved replacement for the original ?

[I've just added it as a new picture to bring it to more peoples attention - see the original for more comments. - Steven]
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Picture added on 18 November 2011 at 10:23
Top of Pipersquoy at Quoybanks?

[Indeed - the photographer has been standing in front of 9 Quoybanks Crescent to take the picture - Steven]
Added by SH on 18 November 2011
Anyone hazard a guess to a date? looks quite old judging by the fashions. is that a gas lamp?

[It's not a gas lamp as the houses were built in the 1950s. When Alan first sent in the picture (seven years ago!) I estimated the date at 1964. I'd be tempted to revise it to 1967 plus or minus 5 years now, mainly on the basis of I don't immediately recognise anyone in the big picture, and I would have been there myself from about 1971 onwards!

Raymie Grieve might be able to put names to faces being a piece older than me :-)


Added by Craig on 20 November 2011
With the lack of almost any bushes or trees in the Quoybanks gardens and I think the houses were built in the late '50s I would suggest a date of about 1959 or '60
Added by Anonymous2 on 21 November 2011
I have not checked this out on the ground Steven, but I think this photo was taken from outside
No 1 Kirklands Road.

[No way Sandy! Pipersquoy Terrace doesn't have an angled entrance to it, as seen here, with the PO Telephones box in the angled wall, and shown by the street lamp miles from the wall at the edge of the pavement. - Steven]
Added by Sandy on 21 November 2011
It's the top of Pipersquoy Road.
Added by Neil Johnstone on 23 November 2011
Well "outside" No1 Kirklands Road Sandy (about 50yards outside!!) As Neil says this is the top of Pipersquoy Road. Also you can see No 1 Quoybanks Crescent (first occupied by my grandparents Mr and Mrs D H Allan)

[Number 1 at the far end of the block, the white gable is on number 7 - Steven]
Added by David Tullock on 23 November 2011
Proper sledging way back then.

Going by the soot around the chimneys at 5 & 7 Quoybanks I would think this is a few years after the houses were built.
Added by Bruce Moar on 23 November 2011
This looks like the top of Pipersquoy, the telephone box is on the opposite side of the road from where the kids are. What fun we used to have speeding done the hill! Sometimes it was like a skating rink, the cars could not get up the hill. The kids nowadays would never get away with sledging down, the grtitters would have spoiled the fun!! We seemed to have a lot more snow then and coped a lot better then than we do now!
Added by Sylvia Walker on 09 December 2011
Sorry Steven, and others. You are right. Damn!

[With my folk having stayed at a house that looks out onto that corner for 43 of my 46 years, I was pretty confident of this one... Steven]
Added by Sandy Windwick on 10 December 2011
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