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Orkney, but when & where & who?
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Orkney, but when & where & who?

Orkney, but when & where & who?
Possibly 1950's.
Picture added on 06 September 2011 at 12:35
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Still a blackoot on the headlight!
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 06 September 2011
Going by the one hooded headlamp, I would say this photo was taken in the Wartime. Both headlamps should have been hooded(Wartime blackout requirements) The car registered before that would have been BS 2040 the Police Car.
Added by Ian Carter on 06 September 2011
Think its a Ford Prefect
Added by D. Mackay on 06 September 2011
Looks like the road into Peckhole, North Ronaldsay. Could be the Old Mill at the rear of the car. All the bushes in the background though makes me wonder if it's somewhere else.
Added by Lee T on 07 September 2011
The Car is an Austin 10hp.
Added by Phil Brough. on 07 September 2011
I'd say Austin 8, or just possibly Austin 10, but I think the latter had mouldings on the mudguard rims. (Certainly not Ford with an Austin badge!)
Added by Ian Hourston on 07 September 2011
more like an austin 8
Added by E. Muir on 07 September 2011
It's certainly an Austin. No mistaking the radiator grill and mascot. Maybe an Austin 10?
Anonymous comment added on 07 September 2011
The registration number is from 1942 and it certainly is an Austin 8 or 10, probably the former for the reason Ian states (a distinction I failed to notice myself when looking at pictures of the two models).
Added by Paul Sutherland on 10 September 2011
Jimmy Hamilton, did yir Uncle "Jock-O Garson no hiv een the neebour o this?.
Added by John Budge on 12 September 2011
yes John , that was his last car, before he died, Austin 10 it was, Granny gaed it tae me, and I wasn't awful good tae cars in that days as you might remember... enough said aboot that.. Did Jimmy Pirie have an Austin 8, I mind wan lying behind the Royal for a while....
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 13 September 2011
That's the wan Jimmy Pirrie painted with black bitumous paint (plenty o' hid at Lyness)
Added by Stewart Taylor on 17 September 2011
Stewart, owld Peerie drave that owld "Astin" as he called it so slow when he caam up tae the school fur Fiona, I used tae pass him on me peedie bike!!.
Aye and yir right the car jist looked lik a nissen hut.
Added by John Budge on 19 September 2011
There was an advert from 1939 in a section of the Oban Times last week that showed an Austin 8 4 door £139 brand new....wid that be aboot a years wages then? If so a car costs roughly the same noo...
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 30 October 2011
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