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Retiral of Rev. Traill
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Retiral of Rev. Traill

Must be when the Rev Traill retired? Please help me with the year John!
Far of side behind lamp some names. ? Tony Robertson, Elma Thomson, Winnie Robertson, my dad David Gillespie, Jack Rendall, Anderson Sutherland, Mary Groat, Esther Kirkpatrick, Barbra Heddle.
Rev Traill, new minister and Charles Rioch headmaster and lay preacher.
Cathedral choir with Vi Grieve 4th along at the back

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Picture added on 05 September 2011 at 13:08
I see David Drinkell standing next the organist
Added by Jacqui Hirst on 05 September 2011
David Drinkell and Robin Cheer at the organ.
Added by Leslie Burgher on 05 September 2011
Beryl, I think that's Jennie Sinclair standing behind Jack?
Added by Lee T on 06 September 2011
That's Jenny right enough Lee and she can be seen as a young lass in picture #5749. I think it is my auntie Dolly Wilson in the swirly patterned hat and light grey coat.
Added by Beryl Simpson on 07 September 2011
Was Robin Cheer cathedral organist for a time?
Added by Steven Flett on 11 December 2011
Elspeth (now Drinkell) in the choir (middle front row)
Added by Mark Burstow on 16 January 2012
I'm in the middle of the front row of the choir.
Added by Elspeth Drinkell (nee Bain) on 16 January 2012
David Drinkell here - using Elspeth's Facebook. Yes, that's me standing beside the pulpit and Robin Cheer playing the organ. I remember the service, with the Moderator preaching, but I don't recall it being Ewan's farewell. I remember the Moderator smoking a Silk Cut round the back of the hall afterwards! Robin Cheer took over from me as Cathedral Organist when Elspeth and I went to Belfast in 1988.
Added by Elspeth Drinkell (nee Bain) on 16 January 2012
Would I be right in thinking David Drinkell was a music teacher at Papdale Primary?
Added by Shirley Watson on 17 January 2012
He was a music teacher and I remember him coming out to the Burray School when my bairns were small. They really enjoyed his music lessons.
Added by Beryl Simpson on 24 August 2013
Although this is listed as Hoy, the Kirk is present day St Columba's then I think it would have been Walls Old in South Waas.
Added by Jean Gillespie on 18 July 2014
You're right and this bonnie old kirk will always remain in my memory as Walls Old Parish Church Jean. A son of a minister from the 1950's will be arriving on the island soon, David Bryant a son of Ken Bryant a very popular preacher my folks used to say.
Added by Beryl Simpson on 28 July 2014
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