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Rendall school 1935
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Rendall school 1935

My mother ( Mary Sinclair) who is in this photo wrote down the names a few years ago so i am assuming they are right.

Back Row L-R Roderick Montgomery, Alfred Moar, Robert Fraser, Victor Slater, Alistair Seatter, John Seatter, David Halcro, James Nicolson, david Stanger, Robert montgomery.

Front row L-R Georgetta Ritchie, Mary Sinclair, Jean Mackay, Barbara Sclater, Ruby Fraser, Nan Scollie, Tess Sclater.
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Picture added on 01 September 2011 at 18:24
Did the Sclater family live in Rendall? I thought they were fae Orphir.
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 03 September 2011
Hi Billy
Are you sure thats no me dad Jim Moar standing next tae Jim Nicolson and no David Stanger, no sure, but never seen the photo before
Added by Rosalind Taylor on 04 September 2011
My mother is the Tess Slater (no c) at the end of the front row, sister of Barbara and Victor. She did names for me about a year ago so will check for matches.
Added by Jane Harris on 04 September 2011
Yes they were in Rendall because my mother went to the Rendall school with them and when they moved to Orphir, my mum, Jean Moar used to visit them.
Added by Rosalind Taylor on 05 September 2011
Jane your mum was and still is a handsome woman and may I be as bold as to say you have also got her fine bone features which stays with a woman throughout her life,You have a lot to thank your Mum for!! Phew!!I've maybe blown it noo!!.
Added by John Budge on 05 September 2011
My mother's list of names agrees with the one above, so David Stanger in the back row and not Jim Moar. My grandparents James and Jessie Slater bought Hogarth in Rendall about the time they married in 1921 but then moved back to Orphir, home parish for both of them, in 1942 to take on the tenancy of Yarpha which they bought after Storer Clouston's death.
John - I will pass on your compliment to my mother! A lot to thank her for - sailing very close to the wind there! But I've had the 'My so like yir mither' comments ALL my life so well used to it.

Added by Jane Harris on 06 September 2011
The Slater's were at Hogarth in Rendall before they went to Yarpha in Orphir in the 1940's
Added by David Marwick on 06 September 2011
The Nan Scollie in the photo is she related to a Gladys Scollie?
Added by Gary Scollie on 10 September 2011
Gary - my mother doesn't know of a Gladys Scollie but Nan Scollie was from Millbrig in Rendall and born around 1926 if that helps.
Added by Jane Harris on 27 September 2011
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