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At the peats
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At the peats

Jimmy Simpson on the tusker, John Corrigall wae the fork and Sigurd Simpson a peedie boy o' 4 wearing a pixy hat as they were called back then.
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Picture added on 31 August 2011 at 16:45
First pic I've Seen of Jock o' the Ha'.
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 03 September 2011
You ken I never knew "Jock o The Ha" was a Corrigall until he was the topic o conversation on this site a peedie while ago. I was under the thought he was a Johnston he was aye kent as jist "Jock O The Ha" .
Added by John Budge on 05 September 2011
Thought I would put Jock in Cyber Space Jimmy because someone was asking on here about Corrigall's but I can't find their post now.
Added by Beryl Gillespie on 06 September 2011
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Agriculture and Fishing

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