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Original Black Building?
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Original Black Building?

I was told this house on Bignold Park Road was the "Original Black Building"- is this true or an urban myth? Picture taken May 23 2011.

[Given its location near the edge of town, it'll be a suburban myth at best- Steven :-)]
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Picture added on 25 May 2011 at 16:31
I'm sure Allie Matthews her husband and 2 daughters lived in one side of the house. Allie was a friend of my mother. I'm sure sister Marion will know what her husband did - I think he worked at the airport.
Added by Pauline Wishart on 26 May 2011
This was the first GPO repeater station. The GPO repeater station moved up to the black building after the war (I think) The house then became GPO houses. Jack Neilson stayed in one and Bob Foubister in the other. I moved to Jack's house in 1971. Hamish Maclean was in the other one in about 1973. I left in 1978 and George MacKay moved in.
Added by Willie Watters on 26 May 2011
There's a four way ductline into this building, so there may well have been repeaters in there at one time. Willie Watters will ken for sure.
Added by Grant Leonard on 27 May 2011
Can somebody please explain what "repeater station" means? ( I know what GPO is/was - now BT)
Added by Al Hine on 02 June 2011
Repeater station was where the telephone signal from the local telephone was amplified (repeated) before it was sent from the local network onto the national network. All the phone calls were also put into a single core co-axial cable.
Anonymous comment added on 06 June 2011
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