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Mystery performers
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Mystery performers

Trying to find out where this picture was taken and the names of people in it. My dad Billy Peace is the 4th from the right, behind the woman. Think it is an opera.
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Picture added on 21 March 2011 at 13:12
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Could it be Billy Jolly, senior, 2nd left and Sheana Marr?
Added by Barbara Johnston on 21 March 2011
2nd. from left,Bill Jolly Snr.?
Added by Neil Johnstone on 21 March 2011
Second from the left is Billy Jolly Snr. (Fishy Billy)
Anonymous comment added on 21 March 2011
My wife the G & S expert says Iolanthe.
Added by Jim Eunson on 21 March 2011
Could be Billy Jolly Snr second from left
Added by Anonymous2 on 21 March 2011
A picture from long-ago, Kay! I know a few of the names but unfortunately, not all.
L-R Back Row: M. Gray; Billy Jolly; Alistair Groundwater; Billy Peace; Gordon Newlands (butcher, Broad Street); ? ; ?.
L-R Front; Phil Turton (Stromness Dance Band); Sheena Swanson (Father was hairdresser next the Big Tree) Squire Leslie (Late Chemist at Boots).
Added by Lex Craigie on 22 March 2011
Thanks for that Lex. Any idea what year it could be?
Added by Kay Pirie on 22 March 2011
I really have no idea which year this was although I would guess around mid 50s, Kay. Having looked at the picture again, I am unable to say where it was taken although most opera productions around this time were staged at the old cinema at Hatston (where Ortak is now, roughly). Furthermore, I notice I missed out the gentleman between Alistair G. and your Dad. However, I'm not sure who he is!
Added by Lex Craigie on 25 March 2011
I can help with a couple of names. The gentleman kneeling on the right is Andy Moar, and the one fourth from the left at the rear is Alfie Linklater. The date I'm told is around 1952 or 1953.
Anonymous comment added on 04 April 2011
According to this year's programme KAOS did Iolanthe in 1926,1934 and 1983 so I don't think that fits in with the people in the photo.Quite a number of G&S were done in the 50s but I am not sure if these costumes fit any of them:
1951 Pirates - 1952 Yeoman of the Guard - 1953 Gondoliers - 1954 Patience - 1955 - Pinafore - 1956 - The Sorcerer - 1957 - The Mikado
Anonymous comment added on 14 April 2011
I seem to remember part of a verse from this little-known operetta, sung by the soberly dressed young lady in the centre.
'Oh, you are a pair of baronets,
Opressors of the working classes.
So you can take your coronets
And shove them . . . '
Sadly, that's all I can recall.
Anonymous comment added on 15 April 2011
I have consulted the expert again and she says no way can it be anything other than Iolanthe. To me it looks a bit older than the 1950s, but that is just my opinion.
Added by Jim Eunson on 15 April 2011
Anonymous should have had another p before recalling his deathless fragment.
Added by Anonymous 2 on 15 April 2011
This was possibly an opera staged by Mrs Walton - not KAOS
Added by Joey Tait on 16 April 2011
This opera is definately Iolanthe,and was as Joey says,produced by Ida Walton.
I have received a copy of the cast,which I shall send to this website when I can establish exactly when this took place,if that is possible.
Keep watching this space.
Added by Peter Burges on 11 May 2011
KAY...try as I might the date of this production is very difficult to obtain.
One possibility is speaking to the lady who played the part of The Queen of the Fairies,and who still lives in Kirkwall as far as I know.
The other is the son of the well known "fish merchant" who also still lives in Kirkwall".
Perhaps if you could get in touch with them yourself, they may be able to help.
Added by Peter Burges on 09 September 2011
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