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Mystery place
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Mystery place

Where is this ? ( the make of cars is a massive clue of course)
Picture added on 24 February 2011 at 11:05
is it Barton's Scrap Yard?

Added by Sandy on 24 February 2011
Must be Tullock's garage
Added by Neil Johnstone on 24 February 2011
The rifle range in Tullocks forecourt as it was called when I used to repair damaged vehicles. The building has been knocked down as well as the 2 storey house that was there, lot more room now.
Added by Bruce Johnston on 24 February 2011
The old TA drill hall, Junction Road.
Added by Grant Leonard on 24 February 2011
Mmm Could this be at The main Ford dealers by any chance Al ?
Added by Colin McBeath on 24 February 2011
WRT'S garage
Added by Hazel on 25 February 2011
Is this at the back of Tullock's garage in Kirkwall - looking in to the garrage from the pavement.

Petrol pump to the right.
Added by Steven Flett on 25 February 2011
Looks like Dagenham to me ! But I could be wrong.
Added by Anonymous7 on 25 February 2011
Mind you they seem to be selling a lot o' kers. Which is good in these hard times - keeps folks in jobs. In fact the building industry and the motor trade seem to be doing well. Good luck to them.
Added by Sandy on 26 February 2011
The old Drill Hall was in "The Tower Showrooms" on Junction Road.
There was however a black wooden hut at the front of the site in the early 60s immediately in front of the Rifle Range which I believe was used by members of the TA.
Added by Anonymous2 on 02 April 2011
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