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The Ingle Nook, Orkney
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The Ingle Nook, Orkney

The Ingle Nook, Orkney. Postcard sent from home to my Grt Grandfather James Hourie Flett a couple of years after he emigrated to New Zealand.
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Picture added on 08 February 2011 at 16:25
I think this was in Burness farm house and was still there in the 70's (blocked off but still accessible)
Added by William Watters on 08 February 2011
By strange coincidence,I had this photo ready to go on the Image Library when I noticed this one today.The photo I have is a tinted one on a postcard dated 1909. I would have loved a seat in the Ingle Nook with a tumbler of home brew warmed with a hot poker. Is that a sqeeze box on top of the cupboard on the right? I have slept in a box bed in my time. A great photo of a Orcadian farmhouse livingroom, multi-functional! Added by Phil Brough.
Added by Phil Brough. on 09 February 2011
Sure you're right about the squeeze-box Phil (melodion, not accordion).
Anonymous comment added on 11 February 2011
Greenwall in Holm had an ingleneuk that was covered up but you could see the chain hanging when you looked throgh an access panel.
That was back in 1945.Guess it is stil there unless new owner has altered things.
Added by Jack Harcus on 18 February 2011
re Jack Harcus. My grandparents owned and lived in Greenwall for many years in the 70s and 80s and i remember the big inglenook fireplace. It was uncovered at that time and had a wonderful smell of soot.
Added by Tom Shaw on 01 March 2011
As bairns we used to post our letters to Santa through the small inspection hatch.The updraught whipped them out of our hands.Exciting times.
Added by Jack Harcus on 02 March 2011
I have a black and white sketch of "Ingle Nook, Orkney Isles" by Alan S Rankine, which shows a woman sitting on a chair inside the nook just like the one in your postcard. She is knitting. She is wearing a bonnet, shirt and long,tartan skirt. A dog is lying at her feet. Would like to know if artist is well-known.
Added by Willy Heron on 17 November 2013
Phil may be quite right about the thing on top of the cupboard being a squeeze-box, but anonymous is not absolutely right in calling it a melodion: the preferred spelling is melodeon. Considering how popular squeeze-boxes are, or were, in Orkney, it's surprising how often they are misspelt. (Accordion commonly appears as accordian.)
Anonymous comment added on 22 September 2019
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