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St. Boniface Church, Papa Westray
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St. Boniface Church, Papa Westray

St. Boniface Church, Papa Westray - May 2009
Picture added on 12 January 2011 at 09:46
St. Boniface Kirk.
Added by Stewart Miller on 20 January 2011
Ta Stewart. Hate to be pedantic but St Boniface's Church. See :-


Kirk, Church - same difference :-)
Added by Ian Birrell on 24 January 2011
this could become like the peerie / peedie argument.

we always knew it as Kirk.

see http://www.britishlistedbuildings.co.uk/sc-18599-st-boniface-kirk-old-papa-westray-kirk-in

It all depends on who entered the data on to the records. Lots of areas have differing spellings of place names depending on which map you look at.
Added by Morag Flett on 25 January 2011
I've nae desire to have even a muckle stooshie about this place of worship. Folk will call places what they are used to and I've no argument with that. If I were to independently weigh up what might be the more authoritative source then I might go with the Scottish based RCAHMS which has been collating records for a good wheen longer than the recently devised online site you quote Morag. Kirk/church - I must admit kirk does sound more Scottish or Viking-like! Ah well - nothing like a good argument.
Added by Ian Birrell on 28 January 2011
In Kirkwall we have St Magnus Cathedral, the Congregational Church, the King Street Church and the Paterson Church (now the OIC. They've always been known as the auld kirk, the peedie kirk, the king street kirk and the east kirk. I guess it what we call a church in Orkney!!
Added by Jack on 29 January 2011
Look in Wikipedia and you will find;
Scottish - Kirk, Icelandic - Kirkja, Swedish - Kyrka, Norwegian - Kyrkje, Danish - Kirke, German - Kirche, Dutch - Kerk, Finish - Kirkko All with the same meaning - church and Kirk definately comes from the Northern European languages.
Added by Ernie Rendall on 02 June 2012
Wish I was back there the noo to boldly go where I've gone before. Signed, Captain Church :-)
Added by Ian Birrell on 03 June 2012
Just love the design - elevated entrance, stone structure - beautiful. Sings of home to a South Australian with Orkney roots...
Added by Born on 10 August 2016
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Papa Westray

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