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Catching spoots
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Catching spoots

Catching spoots
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Picture added on 08 December 2010 at 14:31
Brings back great memories o' the magic combination - extra low tide and hard frost at The Point at Melster and the spoots were virtually walkan across the weet sand tae meet ye! Boil and fry in butter wae garlic! Paradise!!
Added by David Watters on 08 December 2010
David hids great tae see that yae still keep in touch wae wurr ways in the old isles.
I doot there arna miny spoots on the saan below the Binks noo, the environmists "Aye them cliver anes" wid say its due tae what whurr dooan tae the planet bit I doot changes in nature hiv aye happened and will happen withoot whur "middlin".
I do ken whit yir speakan aboot wae the spoots stickan oot o the saan wae the frost, hid wiz the only way I wiz iver any good at catchan the peedie divels.
Added by John Budge on 10 December 2010
Just a word of caution. If you boil a spoot you'll end up with rubber!! Can I suggest that you simply pour boiling water over them in a bowl. As soon as they open that's all the cooking they need. Remove from shells and toss in melted butter. Simple as that!!
Added by Alan Taylor on 10 December 2010
Nothing to beat a spoot boiled for a short while and put in the fridge. Just lift one as you pass. Great.Keep them away from the frying pan. Sorry David.We used to put queenies on the exhaust manifold of the boat engine (ford 8 ) and wait till they opened. Great wi a red tinnie.
Added by William Watters on 10 December 2010
Ah'll mind that on next time I hiv a spoot - the last wan wis ower 50 year ago I wid think!
Added by David Watters on 11 December 2010
I mind a ould man sayin' that ee time the frost wis so bad that tha spoots were "stikkan ap like harrow teeth". Canno be shur hid wis true!
Jim G
Added by Jim Garrioch on 23 December 2010
I remember in the 60s out at at the back of the Burray Pier with my two brother-in-laws Arnold and Maurice in February for spoots, I had heard of them stikkan up like "harrow teeth" but had never seen it until this day. They were stikkan up like rows of harrow teeth for quite a few minutes, an amazing sight. I have never seen the like again. Added by Phil Brough.
Added by Phil Brough. on 25 December 2010
That's jist as hid wis at Saltness side o' Jimmy Gray's Point - I suppose aroond 1956 or 195..... they were there for the taakan ......
Added by David Watters on 28 December 2010
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