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Fara compilation, 5/5
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Fara compilation, 5/5

The last of this extensive album provided by Mary Evans, of Fara Island from the 1930's.
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Picture added on 08 November 2010 at 09:10
Richard, I have a feeling that Henrietta Mackay, was my Granny's sister, she was Elizabeth Robson (maiden name)and came from Fara originally...
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 08 November 2010
Yes, in fact one of 5 children: Mary Jane, James, Charles, Donald & Elizabeth- from the South Faray Census 1881.
Added by Richard Evans on 18 November 2010
So Jimmy tell me was your Granny a Fara woman and was she a Robson or a Mackay? And I see some are spelling Mackay as Mackie what is that all aboot??.
Added by John Budge on 23 November 2010
Ah noo John,I am oot o my depth a bit on this, I have relations on both my mother and fathers side fae Fara, but my fathers mother was Elizabeth Robson, and i did meet her brother Donald who lived in Edinburgh.but believe richard is correct wi the other names o that family, so maybe Henrietta wasn't a sister but think if too much investigation is done, there will be cupboards full o skeletons....South Isles Skipper, James Donald Robson, was related too, so dig away John see what you can make o it..
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 24 November 2010
Hi John just to start the ball rolling Henrietta was an auntie to my father. I also remember Donald home in Longhope when i was 9 or 10 I think his wife's name was May.
Added by Arthur Robson on 24 November 2010
Let me straighten things out here. Firstly Retta & Mabel's surname was McKay not Mackie on Fara. Mabel's married name is Mackie - so apologies.

What's in the census of 1881 does not appear to be correct. According to Charles McKay in a recorded conversation in 1987: Donald Robson of Stony Ayre was Charles's grandfather. Henrietta was born 1889 and was one of 7 children, her siblings being Donald, James, Isabella, Charles, Mary & Lizzie.
Added by Richard Evans on 25 November 2010
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