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KGS team
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KGS team

KGS photo. Ian Skea left back row . Alan Findlay signature on back of photo. Are the two on the front row wearing badges the school captains and the other three prefects . Any names ?

[Date is a guess]
Picture added on 11 October 2010 at 18:40
This might be the Editorial team for the Kirkwallian - if anyone has a copy from the appropriate year they could check up. Left of front row looks like Archie Findlay? - right of front row is David Walls
Added by Ian M Gibson on 11 October 2010
Archie Findlay front left, David Walls front right. I recognise the others, but cannot recall names.
Added by Jim G. on 11 October 2010
Added by Mary Kemp on 12 October 2010
Back Row L-R : Ian Skea ; David Scott.
Front row L-R : Archie Findlay ; Emma Peace ; David Walls.
I think this was a Committee which was charged with the responsibility of producing the KGS Annual Magazine? The year would be 1954 or '56?
Added by Lex on 13 October 2010
I don't think it was 1956 as I remember Archie at college in Aberdeen in 1956.
Added by Jim G on 14 October 2010
When I was in the library today I checked up on this photo - it is the Editorial Team for the Kirkwallian of 1956. picture #24240 is the Football Team of the same year
Added by Ian M Gibson on 14 October 2010
Sorry. Can't argue with that. My memory must be worse than I thought!
Added by Jim G on 18 October 2010
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