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Sedate approach of the Dental Caravan
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Sedate approach of the Dental Caravan

Dental Caravan approaching Flotta pier, 1957
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Picture added on 29 June 2010 at 21:49
That caravan doesn't bring back happy memories!

Added by Beryl Simpson on 30 June 2010
What looks like an L plate on the tractor doesn't exactly inspire confidence either!
Added by Marlene Mainland on 01 July 2010
Your right Beryl "The pain oh the pain". Sammy Doull used tae tow that caravan tae the Sooth Side School Sammy wiz aye in a hurry and a pans**t and he turned intae the school yard bit forgot he hid the van in tow, he felled the dyke and did a lot o damage tae the van. Unfortunatly the door still opened and we could still enter the pain chamber!! Sammy lost the contract!!.
Would I be correct in thinking Mr Clunas married the lovely dental nurse who worked alongside him in this van? She was so kind and we didna want tae show how "faird" wae were o the whole process!!.
Added by John Budge on 03 July 2010
Marlene, are you saying the tractor driver was pulling the teeth as well as the caravan..lol
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 06 July 2010
It would have been worse if it had been on the caravan
Added by Eoin B Wallace on 06 July 2010
Traction plus extraction! Boom, boom!
Added by Marlene Mainland on 08 July 2010
The tractor driver looks like Billy Sutherland of Catmuirhall (and now of the Stenness Garage) with his father, Willie Sutherland, on the back of the tractor. The landscape around Gibraltar Pier has changed a lot since then.
Added by Phyllis Gee on 10 July 2010
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