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Work on new Tesco store
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Work on new Tesco store

Work continues apace on the new Tesco store - the old Presto /Safeway/ Morrisons /Somerfield / Tesco building ( built in 1990) is expected to come down this week, or so one of the staff told me last Saturday. Picture taken on June 7 2010 & yes, that is my 13 year old cat Pepe in the foreground!
Picture added on 08 June 2010 at 11:58
Is it because of people having Tesco shares that there are so many pictures of the supermarket?
It is a sobering thought that, because supermarkets have probably 10 times the turnover per employee compared to a local shop, every job they 'create' will destroy 10 local jobs!
Added by Jim G on 09 June 2010
Nah,I posted the picture as I used to work for Templeton / Presto/ Safeway , in my case it has nothing to do with politics.
Added by Al Hine on 17 June 2010
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