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German Navy WW2 tableware markings
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German Navy WW2 tableware markings

in addition to the explanations in my answer to Ian regarding his 'Prien Stein' (picture #23808). This is an example of how all navy tableware was marked in the days of WWII.
The 2 symbols on top (stylized eagle with swastica and letter M) stand for the naval administration which ordered all the dishes, the marks below represent the manufacturer of a particular piece (in this case: Royal Porcellaine Manufacturers, Berlin) and the year of production.

UPDATE from Wolfgang: It is not KPM = Königliche (Royal) Porcellaine Manufacturer Berlin (not the "Scepter Mark")
but KPM Krister Porcellaine Manufacturer, Waldenburg ... sorry got mixed up ... ;-)
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Picture added on 17 May 2010 at 09:01
What you say is interesting Wofgang, but I can't see its relevance. No-one is suggesting the Prien Stein was ever used, or intended for use, as navy tableware. I think it's simply a boastful and inaccurate commemorative piece intended for public consumption.
Added by Ian Hourston on 17 May 2010
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