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Kirkwall Cycle and Motor Dept
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Kirkwall Cycle and Motor Dept

This as a Kents Viking Series postcard. One for Paul I think.

[Date estimated. Might be one for David Tullock too... - Steven]
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Picture added on 09 February 2010 at 16:14
Yes, definitely one for David. I like the car on the left - a real "horseless carriage".
Added by Paul Sutherland on 09 February 2010
Where is it in Kirkwall please?

[To the left of the entrance to Albert Car Park and the right of the Orkney Wireless Museum, formerly Jeck Miller's petrol pumps at the Kiln Corner. The building is now Alasdair Thom the chiropodists', and the lane to the right leads to Bridge Street past Petmania and Movie Mania - Steven]
Added by Barbara on 10 February 2010
This photo was taken in 1909. Car on the left BS77 is a Peugeot with the driver named as John Borwick. W R Tullock was convinced 7 was a lucky number and tried wherever possible to register local cars with a 7 somewhere in the number.
The other car is a Daimler with "the Tullock family" on board. Driver W R Tullock, front seat passenger his eldest son James,immediately behind "WR" is my Grandfather David Theodore his 2 sisters Maudie (later Mrs Alfred Croy of AT Croy Garage) and Chrissie (Mrs Irving )In the rear seat "Ma" Mrs WR Tullock and on her lap the family dog named Flossie. I found these details on the reverse of the copy I have along with many others of the same period.
Note the stone structure at head height in the entrance to the lane.
Added by David Tullock on 10 February 2010
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