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Eynhallow school trip
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Eynhallow school trip

A day outing to Eynhallow. Does anyone remember this? I was wondering what the name of the Captain would be and the name of his boat. We could not step ashore and had to clamber into the small rowing boat so that we didn't have wet feet! Changed days from picture #833 . I do have a black and white photograph of us all in the boat which would make it easier for folk to remember but .... where have I put it ... that is the question!!!
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Picture added on 14 February 2007
Boat was the Osprey bought by Mansie Flaws in 1969. she came from Lyness and was, I believe, used by Dan Kirkpatrick to meet and pilot navy tankers into the Flow.Looks like Mansie on the foredeck.
Added by William Watters on 14 February 2007
Try that in 2007 and the summer would be over before all the Health and Safety, Risk Assesment issues etc etc were done. Too many jobsworths. Oh for the simpler life !
Added by Erik Manson on 14 February 2007
The Osprey was known as the Rousay Post Boat and Mansie and his sons ran this and the Shalder between Tingwall and Rousay. Another boat they used at the time was the Alert which is still in Rousay today. When Mansie retired son Ian purchased the Solan and carried on the run until Orkney Ferries' mv Eynhallow started regular crossings between the two piers - crewed by Ian and his sons, and since his retirement his nephew Calum Flaws took over as one of the skippers of the Eynhallow [see picture #833 ].
Added by Max Fletcher on 15 February 2007
Mansie did not have the Shalder, he had the Sula a sister of the Shalder, both built by Duncan of Burray. The Tait family had the Shalder and still do. The Sula fished out of Deerness until she was bought by Brian Pottinger.She has now been sold again after Brian did a lot of work on her.
Added by William Watters on 15 February 2007
Mansie did have the Shalder - though not the Shalder you are thinking of William. Mansie's boat was an old Shetland line-fishing boat, later used to ferry passengers and was used as such when it arrived in Rousay. This Shalder was later sold to Duncan's of Burray and used as a dive-boat in the Flow. I hope this clears up any mis-understanding. I and many other Rousay residents have fond memories of Mansie and the Shalder and I am submitting a couple of my old black & white photos of the man and his vessel taken in 1975.
Added by Max Fletcher on 16 February 2007
Yes, you are right enough. Been on her many times. Grey cells gettin a bit weary.
Added by William Watters on 24 February 2007
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