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Earliest Ba picture?
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Earliest Ba picture?

Acording to the writing on the back of this, it is 'probably the earliest photo of the Ba' in existence.
The date is given as 1898, and the bit I can read says, name(?) "waiting for the hour"
I have cleaned it up as best I can, I thought now the dust has settled on the ba it would be of interest.
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Picture added on 01 February 2010 at 16:03
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The Ba
Great photo.

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Added by Barbara on 01 February 2010
Presumably the Statue of Liberty lookalike is that year's winner. It's a fine photo, from a high vantage point (I wonder where exactly?) and your cleaning-up, Johnny, looks to have been very good, apart from a few hairline scratches. Regards.
Added by Ian Hourston on 01 February 2010
Normally my name is added automatically to my comments. Must have dropped a cookie somewhere. The 'Statue of Liberty' comment was by me, Ian Hourston. (I'll keep the veil of anonymity for when I want to say something really rotten.)

[Sorted noo... Steven]
Added by Ian Hourston on 02 February 2010
I think the "Statue of liberty" is throwing it up, not the winner, hence the caption 'waiting for the hour'.
I think it will have been taken from above what is now O.T.E or Ola Gorie's.

[I think this must be the 1898 picture referenced in the comments to picture #2431 - Steven]
Added by Johnny on 02 February 2010
Yes, Steven, this is the 1898 picture I referred to in my comments on picture #2431. It is the frontispiece to "Uppies and Doonies" but this version is much clearer. I never noticed the man on the tricycle on the Kirk Green before. It looks as though it might be John Mooney. And what is that boy doing up against the left-hand pillar of the main door? There seems to be a lot of inking or pencilling in of details. Is that original (eg the man at the bottom right's braces and hair)?
Added by Paul Sutherland on 02 February 2010
Should have read and digested the caption before I wrote, Johnny. If Steven, our mentor, will permit a cryptic remark, does the word 'Masirah' mean anything to you? Best wishes.
Added by Ian Hourston on 03 February 2010
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