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KIrkwall school photo, 1947 or 48
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KIrkwall school photo, 1947 or 48

Another ancient history from my brother-in-law.
Again I recognise some faces as those of classmates in the Secondary.
Second row, second lfet is Lyle Flett. Second from the right is Archie Finlay. First left is Sandy Windwick.
Third row, second right is Inga Swanney, and beside her is "Tibby" Rosie. Four along from her is Ann Cromarty and two further along is Olive Smith (Miller). Beside her is Phylis Mair.
Front row, second left is Elizabeth Bain (Firth, then it's Moira ? (Tait), then Kathleen Miller and Moira King. Second from the right is Audrey Sinclair.
I don't know the teacher.
This would have been about 1947/ 48
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Picture added on 22 December 2009 at 12:21
i think the teacher was miss hourston from quoyberstane farm st ola
Added by Jim M on 22 December 2009
that wid be Kathleen Mair
Added by Hazel on 23 December 2009
I think the teacher is Miss or Mrs Linklater

back row-James Sinclair-James Stanger-??,??William Sinclair,KarlRorie,Keneth Leisk,??Kenneth Hourston,Roger Lliyd,

2ND ROW,Clarence Cecil SBaikie,Lyall Flett,Ian Snedden,John Cook,Cecil Swannie,William Newlands,Cecil Sinclair,Arnot Leslie,James Rorie,??Sandy Windwick.

3rd row-Arnold Calder,?/Isobel Rosie,Jean Garriock,Winnie Bain,?? Ann Cromarty,?? Olive Miller,Kathleen Mair,??

4th row-Christine Jolly,Elizabeth Bain,Moira Muir,Ruby Miler,?? ?Newlands,?? Hazel Yule,Elinor Grieve,Elizabeth(Dinga)Johnston,Audrie Sinclair,Rena Green.Hazel Yule WAS MY BEST PAL.please let me ken the wans i dont ken.
Added by Liz Firth on 23 December 2009
A few more names,

top row,L-R.Jim Sinclair,Jim Stanger,Tommy Bews?,?Frazer,Billy Sinclair,Karl Rorie,??,?Frazer,Roger Lloyd,??.

2nd.row,L-R.Clarence Baikie,Lyle Flett,Ian Sneddon,??,Richard(dickie)Turfus,William Newlands,Cecil Sinclair,Armit Leslie,??,Archie Findlay,Sandy Windwick,Teacher, Miss Logie,I remember her well!.

3rd.row,L-R.Arnold Calder,Inga Swanney,Tibby Rosie,Jean Garriock,Winnie Bain,Myrna Walls,Ann Cromarty,Fiona Harvey,Olive Smith,Kathleen Mair,Nancy Carter.

Bottom row,L-R.? Anderson,Liz Bain(Firth)Moira Muir(Tait)Kathleen Miller,Mary King,? Johnstone,Margaret Dunnett,Hazel Yule,Elinor Grieve,Audrey Sinclair, Rhena Green.Added by Phil Brough.
Anonymous comment added on 23 December 2009
2nd,row Clarence Baikie
Added by C.Baikie on 13 February 2010
My Dad was Richard (Dickie) Turfus, this is so great to find this picture.
Added by Karen Turfus on 26 July 2010
My Dad was Richard Turfus, what a great site, I don't have many pictures of him as a child.
Added by Karen Turfus on 26 July 2010
Mary King up in Orkney just now. Spoke to her on Sunday.
Added by Barbara Johnston on 27 July 2010
When I was a peedie boy I spent some time in the Balfour Hospital and there was a teenage lad by the name of Turfus in the ward wae me, dont mind his first name (I was only six at the time), I jist called him Turfiss! I think he had crashed a motor bike and damaged his knee, and although this lad was maybe a bit o a renegade he was very very kind tae me. I think o that bit o me life that was very distressing and wonder what became of this young man. This wid hiv been in 1956. Any one mind a Turfus wae a sore knee in 1956!! I wid like tae thank him for his kindness tae a peedie boy fae Longhope!!.
Added by John Budge on 27 July 2010
Hi John, I have no idea if that would have been one of my family members, most of my Dad's family is gone now, so I'd have no way of finding out.
Added by Karen Turfus on 25 August 2010
Class photo 47/48.

James Sinclair,James Stanger,Thomas Bews,Robert Johnston(i think)William Sinclair,Karl Rorie,Kenneth Leisk,?Frazer,Kenneth Hourston,Roger Lloyd,??

Clarence Baikie,Lyall Flett,Ian Snedden,John Cook,Richard Turfus,Wiliam Newlands,Cecil Sinclair,Arnot(blackie)Leslie,James Rorie,Archie Finlay,Sandy Windwick,Mrs Linklater,

3)Arnold Calder,Inga Swanney,Isobel Rosie,Jean Garrioch,Winnie Bain,Irma Walls(i tthink)Ann Cromarty,Ruth Logie,Olive Smith,Kathleen Mair,Nancy Carter(i think)Christine Jolly, Elizabeth(liz Firth)Bain,Moira Muir,Kathleen Miller,Moira King,??,?Logie,Hazel Yule,Elinor Grieve,Elizabeth(Dinga)Johnston,Audrie Sinclair,Rena Green.

Can anyone name the ones i dont know?
Added by Liz Firth on 27 August 2010
One correction, Liz, my brother's name was (George) Armit Leslie.
Added by Pam Lyon on 27 August 2010
Karen, have you looked at picture #28395? It has Dick's brother Brian in middle row fifth from right. I think it was Brian that John Budge met in the Balfour. He was one of the Orkney crowd in Toronto in the late 50's. I can't remember the year he died but think it would have been in the 80's.
Added by Jim Corse. on 28 August 2010
Hi Jim, I clicked on the picture # but it said sorry no results found?? I did find one picture of my U.Bryan, not sure if it's the same picture you're talking about. My Uncle passed away in 1991.

[It'll be picture #23895 that Jim will have meant - Steven]
Added by Karen Turfus on 30 August 2010
Ah Jim, it's picture #23895, yes that's him. I was able to find a class picture for my Dad and each of his brothers.
Added by Karen Turfus on 30 August 2010
thanks Pam,I do remember now
Added by Liz Firth on 30 August 2010
Thank you all for your research into my kind "freend", so sorry to learn that he is now dead, I would like to say to any of his family, again how good he was tae a peedie scared boy, I will never forget his kindness tae me so long ago.
Added by John Budge on 30 August 2010
John Budge, It is so nice to be reminded of how "acts of kindness" can be remembered as the years go bye and other things are forgotten.
Added by Jim Corse. on 31 August 2010
What a pleasant surprise.The names came flooding back. I left in 1951 and was surprised anyone rembered me! I see Alex Windwick is still up there,what about Lyall Flett,Jimmie Spence andInga Swanney? I'm coming up to Kirkwall in June would love to meet up then.Dicky Turfus lived by me off New Scapa Rd. We used to have a great time exploring the Island!
Added by Ian Sneddon on 19 January 2012
Hi Ian, I'm Dick Turfus' daughter, Karen. So amazing to be in touch with people who knew my Dad as a child. I wonder if you'd mind sharing your stories/memories.
Added by Karen Turfus on 21 January 2012
I think the girl 7th from the left in the front row is Margaret Logie. She had a sister called Agnes.
Also isn't that Cecil Sinclair 7th from the left in the 2nd row?
Added by Myra Shearer on 21 January 2012
Hi I'm interested to know If anybody knows about the Newlands in the picture. A few people have put Newlands? For the bottom row which is one of the girls. Can anyone confirm the name?
Many thanks
Luke Newlands
Added by Luke Newlands on 01 August 2012
Aaaw I remember seeing this picture many years ago. My dear mum is first left on front row, Kristine Jolly she lived on East Road then. I remember her talking bout an Olive and an Inga in her class back. Great uphoto. Can anyone tell me where the school was in Kirkwall then, was it where the council buildings are now?

[The picture above is certainly taken at School Place, where the Council Offices are now - Steven]
Added by Judie on 04 February 2013
I think the boy far right back row is Donnie Bews who stayed in High St.
Added by Jim Marwick on 22 February 2013
Hello, has the girl 4th from the right in the front row been identified?
I'm trying to trace my family tree and looking for links to my grandmother Olive May Smith. This girl looks like her or one of her sisters Isobel or Carrie.
It's a bit of a long shot but I hope someone can help me. Many thanks Tracy
Added by Tracy on 23 August 2014
Anyone know the whereabouts of the Moira King in this photo- think I was at university with her- Strathclyde
Added by Margaret Wright(Mcculloch) s on 11 July 2019
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