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At the pierhead
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At the pierhead

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Picture added on 04 December 2009 at 21:46
tucker laird & slasher grant
Added by Jim M on 04 December 2009
what fantastic names they had in the years gone bye, never get away with that now , some do gooder wid say it was wrong
Added by Mick Harcus on 06 December 2009
Dont think this is Tucker, it looks very like a fellow that we called Big Eddy, who lived in Evie for a while. I think he was from Australia, or New Zealand, and does the fellow on the right not look like Banda Cooper.
Added by Gordie Peterson on 08 December 2009
It is tucker laird & rusty shearer who lived in lodgings in Main Street.
Both were old dockers
Added by Joe W. on 09 December 2009
I think your right Gordie, If it's the same Big Eddy i knew he sailed on the Shetland Trader for a while, a very clever man too. He sadly passed away a few years ago did he not?
Added by Colin McBeath on 09 December 2009
definitely not a tucker old or young in that pic. faces are familiar but im no sure.
Added by John Schollay on 10 December 2009
Added by Bob Kelday on 10 December 2009
The man on the left is "Tucker" Laird beyond a shadow of a doubt and if it is the same Jo W. that I think he is he will know for sure. Big Eddy and Banda Cooper are about 20 years too young for this Photo. Added by Phil Brough.
Anonymous comment added on 11 December 2009
According to my sources the one with the hat is Eddie Cummings from Evie
Added by John Schollay on 11 December 2009
Don't think that is big Edd Cumins. Edd lived at Quarrybraes in Evie during the 1980's while teaching nav at the academy. He lived latterly at Glaitness Park but died 2 years ago.
Added by Ian Tait on 13 December 2009
Yes its definately "Tucker" Laird, not sure about the other man though. Another from Alex's albums of great characters.

I had to sit and be shown these albums by my big brother many a night when I was a young lass!
Added by Eleanor on 21 December 2009
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