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Unknown soldiers
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Unknown soldiers

Can anyone tell me what uniforms these are or better still who the men are? One of my mother's photos.

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Picture added on 20 October 2009 at 12:59
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It has been suggested to me that the uniforms are Australian or New Zealand. I've searched the internet for photos and think they are most likely Australian due to the shape of the hats. The men could possibly be Croy or Dennison.
Added by Cathleen Spence on 26 October 2009
Definitely Australian, Great War uniforms. Given the waxed moustaches, I'd say pre 1916. There was an ordinance banning them in Dec 1915. Can't see the footwear or buckles too clearly, otherwise we could establish branch of service & regiment. Probably not Light Horse or Cavalry.
Added by Colin Rossie on 06 November 2009
Well I can confirm that the uniforms are Australian light horse or Australian Forces AIF. At the start of the war 1914 they went into Gallipoli against the turks. As for the moustaches, I am not sure it was enforced. As there are many photos right up to 1918 where they still have them. Hope this helps.
Added by Hugh Gray Australia on 26 November 2009
Re Light horse: Light Horse always wore plumes in their slouch hats when the brim was turned up. In the field, with the brim down, sometimes they did, sometimes they didn't have the plumes. Also, all ranks wore jodphurs and leather leggings over standard boots. Infantry wore puttees. These two are obviously posing in their best, no plumes or jodphurs so not light horse.
Added by Colin Rossie on 27 November 2009
Thanks very much Colin and Hugh. This has puzzled me though as I can't think of an Australian connection with my family at that time.
Added by Cathleen Spence on 27 November 2009
You'd be surprised. There wass a population boom in Australia after the 1890s, both migration and birth. An awful lot of Australians were either born overseas or were first generation, so perhaps not your direct family but friends of family or their children? There seems to be a lot of people of Orcadian descent in Australia - it always surprises me where they turn up.
Added by Colin Rossie on 08 July 2011
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