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Early stages on the Papdale housing scheme
Picture added on 23 January 2007

How sure are you of your dates? I started at the Grammar in 1976 (August), and my memory (admittedly of 30 years ago) is of the area shown in this picture being 'clean' - no bulding works.
Added by Mike Dunster on 24 January 2007
This looks like the completion of Meadowbank Housing not Papdale east . Estimate 1973/74.
This is where the bb hall is now
Anonymous comment added on 24 January 2007
Date would be about right if this picture was taken at the same time as the other two photos that have been submitted. The Meadowbank houses are nearing completion, the ones at the road are still to be dashed. As an apprentice electrian, I moved from the KGS job up to Papdale East.
Added by Alastair Kelday on 24 January 2007
The derelict area in the front is where the Gospel Hall and BB Hall now stand. Could the upheaval be from the Hordaland scheme which is just above? Looking at Russell's other photos this would have been taken at the time of the building of the Papdale scheme in the mid 70's.
Anonymous comment added on 24 January 2007
We moved into one of the Strombery houses in the back end of 1976
Added by Cathleen Spence on 24 January 2007
Hi, Mike.
Photo 2267, is actually the Meadowbank housing scheme, looking from Papdale. I arrived in Orkney mid 1974 and started working on the Papdale scheme near the end of 1975, so these pics would have been taken either then, or early 1976. I've taken these from slides which have 1976 written on them, so I'm just hoping that the dates are correct. 30 years does play havoc with the memory, or maybe it's the "Highland Park", I consumed, starting to catch up on me.
Cheers .... Russ.

Anonymous comment added on 25 January 2007
Hordaland was an afterthought and only built about 1984.
Added by Bruce Moar on 25 January 2007
Have a look at picture #307.
(Alastair picture #2268 could that be the blue van PAS electricians used to bomb about in )
Anonymous comment added on 25 January 2007
That does look like the old J4 van we used to have on the site. A very useful piece of equipment to help you through the sea of mud that was always present at that scheme.
Added by Alastair Kelday on 25 January 2007
I think any puzzlement on my part (that did not come from the passage of the years or happily pickling my brain in Highland Park) arose because my (often faulty) sense of geographical positioning identified the churned up sea of mud that takes up most of the picture as the KGS playing fields. Which it ain't. Back to killing brain cells, I think...
Added by Mike Dunster on 26 January 2007
No Mike, the KGS playing fields were a different churned up sea of mud.
Added by Steven Heddle on 26 January 2007
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