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Kirkwall pier from Kirkwall Hotel
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Kirkwall pier from Kirkwall Hotel

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Picture added on 09 January 2007
Great photo, could be in the late 1950's I think. It just looks like the St. Ninian, the day I left Orkney on her on my road to Canada. The last I saw her was in the Braes O' Dor Lakes in Nova Scotia Canada in the late 1960's or early 1870's She was used as a cruise ship from Sydney N.S. up into these lakes, a very pretty and shiltered cruise
Added by John Simpson on 10 January 2007
this is definately the st ninian. i can tell from its curved bow

Added by Adam Bourne on 30 January 2007
I, barbara (jolly) watt am the contributor of this photo. It was sent to me years ago as a greetings card. What is the name of the other boat on the left? thorfinn?
Added by Barbara on 01 March 2007
More likely to be the St. Clement, or the other vessel (can't remember the name) that used to provide cruises to Shetland from Orkney. If I remember rightly they used to sail after the St. Ninian arrived, so that it was possible to change ships and carry on with the cruise, arriving back in Orkney and staying over until the St. Ninian had done another trip and travelling south again. Or, I think it was possible to transfer to the St. Clair in Shetland and travel direct back to Aberdeen. I have the old brochure somewhere and will dig it out.
Added by Kathy Danby on 29 March 2007
The "steamer" on the left is the Earl Thorfinn. The "North boats" tended to use the east side of the pier and occasionally the end of pier berth, whereas the Orkney Steam vessels used the west side. Of the two Orkney Steam ships in service at that time, the Thorfinn was easily recognised by her varnished bridge. The Sigurd's bridge was white.
Added by Fred Grieve on 02 June 2007
Forgot to say that the St Clement did indeed use the west side of the pier when one of the bigger "north boats" was using the usual berth.
Added by Fred Grieve on 03 June 2007
The St Clement`s often discharged at Cooper`s Store when large cargoe`s of BOCM feeding came in and would use either the east or west top berth depending on circumstances.
Added by Colin Wylie on 04 June 2007
Picture about 1961 - 62 I'd say. note "Noup Head" in basin and early battery powered fork lift outside "Cooper's Store"
Added by W Mackay on 24 January 2008
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