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Postcard - Tormiston Mill ?
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Postcard - Tormiston Mill ?

I acquired this among a batch purporting to be "Old Orkney Postcards" - I suspect this is Tormiston Mill. The date is just a stab. The card has not been posted but there is a message on the back which reads "This is a snapshot of the Mill. John George is standing down at the front and Jim is standing in the door on the second floor". Can anyone shed any further light?

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Picture added on 16 July 2009
Sebay I think
Added by Leslie Burgher on 24 July 2009
Dont think that this is Tormiston, it does have the bit on the back. Would it be Sebay Mill?
Added by Alastair on 24 July 2009
This looks a bit like Sebay Mill in Toab. Looking at the Website for Sebay Mill today, it has the same amount of windows although looks a lot different now!
Anonymous comment added on 24 July 2009
This doesn't look like the Tormiston mill; it is in one straight line (rather than L-shaped), with the roof in two sections and a different arrangement of windows.

This looks far more like the Sebay mill. On their website (this site doesn't let you post links but try www dot sebaymill dot co dot uk) there is a photo on the front page from a similar angle to this. There are a few differences: a couple of extra windows on the gable end, a larger door (where the horse and cart is) and no roof vents.

The people referred to in the photo could have been the Marwicks. Two generations of John Marwick and a Jamie (possibly also called Jim?) Marwick operated the mill about 1915.

Or, they could be John Turner or John Webster and Jim Cooper, who all worked for Thomsons of Inverurie when they refitted the mill in the early twenties.
Added by Laurence J.E. Tait on 24 July 2009
Don't think that's Tormiston.
Added by Willie Watters on 24 July 2009
Looks like Sebay
Added by Willie Watters on 24 July 2009
Not sure where it is, but it is not Tormiston Mill.
Added by George Scollay on 24 July 2009
Thanks everyone for your comments - If I had thought about it a bit longer I would have realised that it is not Tormiston.
Added by Ian M Gibson on 25 July 2009
Lovely to see this photo. It's the Sebay mill. John George is my father, and Jim is my uncle. Their father John Marwick ran the mill from about 1909 till he retired to St Mary's in 1920. My father went back and ran the mill from 1923 till 1928 or 29. I have a postcard of my grandfather Johm Marwick standing with his hand on that millstone, very likely taken at the same time.
Added by Ron Marwick on 26 July 2009
Please Ron send in your other postcard.
Added by Barbara on 28 July 2009
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