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Runways at the wartime airfield at Twatt
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Runways at the wartime airfield at Twatt

Picture added on 09 December 2006
That looks like Harray Loch in the background, so will that not be Skea Brae rather than Twatt, which is just across the road to the northwest?
Added by Steven Heddle on 10 December 2006
I recon thats boardhouse loch as the big grey building on the right will be the treatment works. I can also see the control tower so it must be twatt.
Anonymous comment added on 10 December 2006
Looking at the map, and the shape of the loch, and the body of water beyond that looks like Stenness Loch, I don't think there can be any question that it is the north end of Harray Loch that we are seeing in this picture.
Added by Steven Heddle on 11 December 2006
It is Skeabrae, my mistake.
Added by Craig Taylor on 11 December 2006
Swartland is just to the left of the photo but you cant see it.
Added by Dunky Hay on 29 June 2008
Well spotted dunky
Added by Duncan Tullock on 29 June 2008
Craig I am amazed at the height you are getting with that kite/cam .. well done....
Added by Mark Ridgway on 30 June 2008
Mark's comment brings to mind the saying, how long is a piece of string?
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 02 July 2008
The string was not that long, this one was taken from a plane 10 years ago !
If it was the kite camera I think i would still be winding it in...
Added by Craig Taylor on 02 July 2008
If you look at the width of the runways from Skea brae and HMS Tern {Twatt} you will find that Skea Brae's runways are 50 yards across where that of HMS Tern were 30 yards. HMS Tern was Fleet Airarm and the runways were the exact width of an aircraft carrier. Every time an aircraft took of or landed at Tern it served as training for the pilots to land on and take of from aircraft carriers, however the aprons were extended to fifty yards later to cater for damaged aircraft as well as additional operational aircraft. Skea Brae was RAF.
Added by Lewis Munro on 25 May 2009
On the pic where was Downtown? I was there in 42
Added by Ken Done on 04 February 2013
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