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Orkney 80's Car Scene
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Orkney 80's Car Scene

Remember when folk used to build customised cars in Orkney ? I don't mean bolt on thousands of quids worth of stereo equipment and some big wheels, I mean when engines were changed, fancy paint was applied and fur fabric was stuck to dashboards. When you had a couple of cushions on the back parcel shelf and furry dice hanging from the mirror. Here's one example from my archives, it's Eion Muir's Mk 2 Cortina with a Ford Essex 3 litre V6 in it. I think this car featured a Jag IRS back end but I may be wrong.
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Picture added on 09 December 2006
I love this car! Old fords are the best! Damn its good to see the Savage as popular as ever!
Added by Rachel Kingston on 11 December 2006
My boyfriend had an old purple Ford Cortina (I won't print his name here in case he reads it!) We used to go and park up on Scapa beach at weekends after the dances either in the Cosmo or the Albert hotel! It was amazing who was there doing the same as us, and also who was with who in who's cars, it was always talked about for the rest of the week !
Added by Elaine Sutherland (Allen) on 13 March 2012
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