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1961 MF 35
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1961 MF 35

Anybody recognize this tractor.

[Why- what's it done? - Steven]
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Picture added on 05 May 2009
Send the "before" an' we just might!
Anonymous comment added on 10 May 2009
Ian I winder if hids yir faithers tractor Wullack o Banks ane, am I on the right track, or should I say tractor!!
I hid ane jist like this fur cleanan oot the byre I doot shae is a bit more tattared aroond the edges, wid yea like tae sweetin her up a bit fur me!!

Added by John Budge on 12 May 2009
Looks like a quality paint job, only a Birsay man could produce work to that standard!
Added by Ian Tait on 12 May 2009
Is that the very rare left hand drive model?
Anonymous comment added on 13 May 2009
Nice shiney peice of work you hiv there buey
It's a proper job !

Added by Megan Robertson on 16 May 2009
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