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Kelvin Marine Engine
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Kelvin Marine Engine

This Kelvin Poppet Valve Engine serial no9307 age 1920 was removed from a boat called Sea Saga 1970.It took the mail from Black Rock,Sanday to North Ronaldsay.
It now belongs to Morgan Flett.
Picture added on 21 April 2009
Is this engine available for selling?
Added by Anthony Vassallo on 24 April 2009
Sorry Anthony the engine is not for sale.

Added by Kay Smith on 24 April 2009
Would this engine have been known as a 6-7 or a 7-9? There used to be a four cylinder version called a 12-14. I had one very like the pic, at one time taken out of a Shetland Skiff see picture #11391
Added by Eddie Fraser on 24 April 2009
I have a pic of a 6/7 on the engines section of Ships Nostalgia, A two cylinder, so this one being a four cylinder I would take it to be a 12/14..
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 26 April 2009
I just had to make a comment on this Petrol/Paraffin Kelvin 12/14. They had a fast astern gear. I remember the neighbour of this Engine in the "Nellie" when she belonged to Jeck Bews from St.Catherines Pl. As a 12 year old boy I used to go out to the moorings in the Basin and start her up and take the boat in to the Corn Slip for Jeck who had Athritis. He was an Engineer with Scarth on Ayre Rd. The"Nellie" now belongs to Johnie Meil complete with steam engine, a lovely old boat. Most of the motor boats in the basin in the early fifties had Kelvin Engines of 2 and 4 Cylinders before the Morris Marine came more popular.
Added by Phil Brough on 27 April 2009
This Kelvin Engine is 14hp and it is petrol/paraffin.
It was made in 1920 and at that time it cost £170 new.
On 1st April 1921 the engine went into a navy cutter in Tyne Mouth.
In 1924 the engine came to Orkney and it was put into a boat called The Fom which was built at Duncan`s Boatyard Burray.
The boat was renamed Sea Saga but i`m not sure which year the name change took place.
Mr John Omand acquired the engine in the ninteen eighties and restored it.Then myself Morgan Flett acquired the engine at Mr John Omand`s auction sale, which i think that year was 1996.
Added by Morgan Flett on 28 April 2009
Great picture of the old engine,there were quite a few of both 2 and 4cyl poppets in launches and skiffs here in tobermory. Bobby Macleod of Mishnish Hotel actually had a Kelvin launch called Bonnie Anne with a 12/14 in her. I cant remember what the brass oil tank on the starboard side was for, did it feed the valve gear? i can remember the bodachs here spending a lot of time adjusting the vernier? screw which i think set the flow of oil. Finally, is Jimmy Hamilton the same man who lived in Craignure and sailed in the Marsa with the legendary Hugh Carmichael?
Added by John Macdonald on 29 December 2010
Hi Kay, I have recently acquired a Kelvin engine very similar to the one shown in the picture. I am hoping to restore it to something like what is shown in your picture. Do you have any documentation/ drawnings i could have a look at to help me?
Added by Jamie Clegg on 17 January 2016
Hi Jamie do you have an email address please?
Added by Morgan flett on 24 January 2016
Hi Jamie do you have an email address for me to contact you please.
Added by Morgan flett on 25 January 2016
We are currently rebuilding a 12/14 engine at the Nottingham Industrial museum, we inherited the engine fully stripped down so are uncertain of some settings. Would you be able to tell us how far the valve spring carriers are screwed up for spring tension. Also do you have a photo of the other side of the engine, any info on this engine or sources for information would be greatfully appreciated. Cheers Bob Hutton (volunteer)
Added by Bob Hutton on 13 February 2016
Hi Morgan, Sorry for the delayed response, my email is [email protected] Thank you
Added by Jamie Clegg on 10 March 2016
Hi Bob sorry for delay in getting back to you.I will be taking the Kelvin out of the shed in April so I'll get all round pictures for you.Any information I can find on the engine I will take pictures of for you and send.
Do you have an email address you could please give to me and I can get things sent to your email.
Many thanks
Added by Morgan flett on 16 March 2016
Hello Morgan,
Thanks for the reply, my email is [email protected]
Added by Bob Hutton on 16 March 2016
I don't suppose anyone has a spare starting handle which they'd be prepared to sell for a 6/7 poppet valve engine or the dimensions so I could get one fabricated.
Added by John on 24 September 2021
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