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Brims School
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Brims School

Left to right:? ? ? ? Violet Gillespie, Mina Harrold, Andy Watters
Middle:? Charlotte Watters ? ? ? ? Jimmy Nicholson
Front: Chrissie Smith
Picture added on 07 October 2006
If this picture is 1934 the person called Andy Watters would have been 20. He must be my father William Watters and he looks most terribly like me at that age!.3rd from the left is his brother Gordon.The teacher is Mrs Malcolmson, known as Mrs Mac.
Added by William Watters on 08 October 2006
back row Mrs Malcolmson, Jock Smith, Gordon Watters, Madge Johnston, Edna Watters, Mina Harrold, Bill Watters
middle row, Cissie Watters, Charolotte Watters, Lilian Smith, Mary Wilson(ayre stores),
Edna Yule, Colin Smith, Jimmy Nicholson.
front row, Chrissie Smith, Bertha Wilson, ?, Irene Smith.

the names were supplied to me by my mother Nora Thomson and by Mary Reid from Lyness & Melsetter, hope this helps you.

Added by BRIAN THOMSON on 04 April 2007
Might the missing child 2nd right at the front be Isobel Johnstone?.
Added by John Budge on 17 January 2008
I might be wrong but think this photo might be earlier than 1934 . My mother
Edna Watters would have been about 16 in 1934. I know she worked as housekeeper for the teacher Mrs Malcolmson after leaving school. Was leaving age 14 then?
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 25 January 2008
I dont think the girl 2nd right front could be Isobel Johnston, as I imagine she would be too young in 1934.
Added by Fred Johnston on 06 February 2008
My auntie Violet sometimes went to the Brims School with her cousin Minna my granny used to say. Violet was born in 1922 so that is why I thought it might be 1932 but now I find out it was your mum in the photo Jimmy and not her. I think they are far out related so that might explain the confusion! (North Isles blood)
Added by Beryl Simpson on 07 February 2008
My mother, Cissie Watters, thinks names as follows: Back row Mrs Malcolmson, Jock Smith, Gordon Watters, Isobel Robertson, Cissie Watters, Mina Harrold, Bill Watters
Middle row, Edna Yule, Charolotte Watters, Lilian Smith, Mary Wilson, ?, Colin Smith, Jimmy Nicholson.
Front row, Chrissie Smith, Bertha Wilson, Possibly Madge Johnston, Irene Smith.
Added by Charlie Groundwater on 13 March 2008
Charlie, see if your mother can put names to my Brims school picture #9041, and also some
family pics contributed by me. Jimmy Hamilton
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 13 March 2008
Just came across this one and was very excited to see my Smith cousins were there - Jock b. 1924, Colin b 1927 and Irene b 1928. I believe that my grandad Benji Smith also went there.
Added by Jan Grant on 22 June 2014
Jock Smith was so good to all us bairns going on the school bus to South Walls P.S. It was a sad day for us all when we heard he had drowned. He used to take inside photographs for folk with a camera with a great big flash for it was a thing that not many folk had back then.
Added by Beryl Simpson on 27 June 2014
Thanks Beryl,for those memories of Jock. They have all passed on now. Irene died last year in Ireland. By any chance do you know of a Betsy Simpson who emigrated to Canada c. 1870's and married William Smith?
Added by Jan Grant on 03 July 2014
No can't help you with that names. The Simpson's from Upper Seatter, Melsetter came from Flotta originally.
Added by Beryl Simpson on 14 July 2014
I went to the Brims school with Linda Smith, Marion was a bit older.
Added by Stewart Taylor on 16 July 2014
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