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Northern Lights, Stronsay
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Northern Lights, Stronsay

The date is a absolute complete guess but I'm sure someone in Stronsay will put me right!
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Picture added on 05 February 2009
Eddie Peace on fiddle, Colin Cooper in front on accordian, Danny Peace, drums, Jim Chalmers and Pete Chalmers on accordians. Not the usual Northern Lights.
Anonymous comment added on 07 February 2009
Interesting comment. Sylvia Chalmers says that Jim was never in the North End Band. I have another photo which looks like it was taken the same night which I will submit soon which shows the same lineup but minus the drums. Combined night's playing? Borrowed drums? Any ideas?
Added by Rob Miller on 09 February 2009
Could have been playing at an island wedding. Possibly both North and South End bands would have taken turns.
Anonymous comment added on 11 February 2009
It has been suggested that maybe it was a wedding in Stronsay and both North End and South End bands could have been playing?
Anonymous comment added on 12 February 2009
Interesting. Any idea who's wedding and date?
Added by Betty Miller on 15 February 2009
Could be Pat and Barbara Reid's wedding. Sitting at the front are Mrs Sinclair Schoolbrae, Archie Hutchison, Tom Fotheringhame and John Cooper
Added by Jim Cooper on 17 February 2009
Thanks Jim. Is John Cooper any relation of Andrew who used to stay at Lower Leaquoy? Sorry Jim but it's now 40 years since I moved to the Toon!
Added by Betty Miller on 21 February 2009
You are right Betty, they were brothers
Added by Jim Cooper on 23 February 2009
Thanks Jim, I remember Andrew fine but can't mind John at all. Did they both stay at Lower Leaquoy?
Added by Betty Miller on 24 February 2009
He was at Russland 1948--- 1960 and at Freehall then
Added by Jim Cooper on 25 February 2009
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