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TA at Weyland
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TA at Weyland

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Picture added on 16 January 2009
Johnny Rendall far left. Third from right J Leslie and 2nd from right Norman Norqouy
Added by William Watters on 22 January 2009
Picture taken in 1958 or 1959. Names left to right. J. Rendall A Rendall N Campbell R Harcus R Linklater N Murray seated A Walls
Anonymous comment added on 23 January 2009
Added by Evelyn Rendall on 24 January 2009
I think 3rd from left is a brother of Freddie Rorie, while extreme right is late Russell Groundwater, and seated is Alex(or David?) Logie?
Added by Lex on 28 January 2009
i think lex needs glasses. My husband was in the gun team. So from left johnnie rendall (husband) kirkwall andy rendall kirkwall the late neil campbell from harray the late robbie (tub) harcus kirkwall sgt bob linklater kirkwall the late sgt nelson murray from harray who was no 1 in charge of the gun team and seated alexander walls who left orkney about 40 years ago. The late russell groundwater was never in the ta

Added by Evelyn Rendall on 03 February 2009
I apologise, Evelyn, and I now realise how seriously out of touch I am!! Nevertheless, I am amazed by the resemblance of the three I have mentioned to those correctly named by you.
Added by Lex on 03 February 2009
The man seated was my 1st cousin Ackie Walls who moved to Scunthorpe some 50yrs
plus who is now deceased some 4yrs ago Yours Stewart Walls
Added by STEWART WALLS on 22 April 2009
This seems to be the only reference I can find from the post war TA in Kirkwall. My dad (Charlie or Paddy Blackburn)was the Sargeant Major in the early to mid 60s. They were called the Lovat Scouts at that time and wore bonnets. If I can find my photos of him I'll post them here. I was only a boy at the time so can't remember any names, but I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who may know anything from the time.
Added by Jim Blackburn on 05 April 2010
This is one of two gun teams that won the Sunday times trophy in 1960. We were 861 Independent Reg. Light Ack Ack T A. We wore black berets then. I am standing first left as a Lance Bombadier. We amalgamated with 540 Regt the Lovat Scouts R A Light Ack Ack TA IN 1961. We then changed to the bonnet with black and white checks with a black ribbon. We were disbanded in 1967 and your father was the last PSI (PERMANENT STAFF INSTRUCTOR) for 2 years prior. He had to wear the same uniform as the Lovat Scouts. We have a photo of the last regimental dinner of the 540 regt. We think it is your father sitting next to my wife.She thinks he had just got new false teeth and had a job eating. We then changed to the 51st Highland Division and became A company the lovat scouts which was infantry. I finished with the T A in 1980 as the company sergeant major after 24 years.
Added by JOHN RENDALL on 05 April 2010
Hi John, thanks for all the fantastic info. I didn't know any of the unit info so thanks for that. As for the regimental dinner it definitely sounds like dad. As Orkney was his last posting he packed us all off to our new home near Plymouth and he stayed in Kirkwall for his last few months during which time he had all his teeth removed. When he eventually joined us I hardly recognized him because he was so thin. Sadly he died over 20 years ago aged 64. My memories of him included being able to play on the Bofors 40/70s and firing air rifles in the drill hall with all the fantastic uniforms in glass cases around the walls. He also demonstrated the gun camera equipment which was in the large shed on the left. He also took me around the islands in his Austin champ when he could and even let me steer it off road. I have many happy memories from my time here and I know my dad made many good friends. The only name I can remember was I think one of the sergeants who was called Robin but can't remember his last name. We visited his house which was I believe a croft somewhere near Finstown. Thank you again, I can't believe after all this time I've found someone who remembers my dad. Best regards, Jim
Added by Jim Blackburn on 07 April 2010
Dear Jim. I know that a Jim Leys who was a battery sergeant major stayed in a little croft house near Finstown. Robin Bain was the staff sergeant but he stayed in Kirkwall. email [email protected] for more information if you wish


Added by JOHN RENDALL on 09 April 2010
Above photo just prior to my father being PSI Lovat Scouts in KIrkwall approx 1960. He was J L M Stewart, we stayed at Weyland till about 1962/3 when he moved to Lossiemouth
Added by Charles Stewart on 11 November 2011
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