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Ayre Grading Station 1957
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Ayre Grading Station 1957

P{eter writes:
'This picture from the family collection, will no doubt be of particular interest to Mr Karl Cooper. It shows the staff of the"Egg Grading and Packing Station " at Ayre Mills and I'm sure the date is fairly accurate. Mr Douglas Cooper is on the extreme right of the back row.

It will be interesting to see how many more names can be added.'
Picture added on 24 July 2006
We will start with Johnny Johnston...
Anonymous comment added on 27 July 2006
Irene Flett (Firth) Front row 2nd from right
Anonymous comment added on 29 July 2006
Dorothy Newlands
2nd row 3rd from right
Peggy Hay
3rd row 3rd from left
Gladys Bews (Leask)
2nd row 5th from right
Anonymous comment added on 31 July 2006
John Bews (hubby of Gladys) 3rd from left- top row.
Added by Jamieklute on 01 August 2006
the men in the pic are, me! John Ritchie, John Bews, Kenny Hourston, Harry ?, Donald Kirkness, Kenny Findlay and Dougie Cooper.
In centre are Alec Hampton (foreman) Jim Sutherland (manager) John Laughton Ass.Manager) I need more time to mind on the women!, Oh the Dougie Cooper is the guy we owe so much to for all his old pictures.
Added by Johnny Johnston on 05 August 2006
the woman in the third row, fifth from the left is, Anne Sutherland, from Orquil. She was my grandmother. I notice she didnt smile much at work either!
Added by Donnie Borwick on 27 December 2006
Harry Gibson I think that was married to my grandad's sister Hannah nee'Grieve, their daughter Vera I was told was the first female police woman in Orkney.
Anonymous comment added on 03 April 2007
Fourth row, fourth from left is my mother Nan Yates.
Added by John Yates on 29 December 2007
Front row far right Lily Rosie (nee Adamson), my auntie who now lives in Aberdeen.
Added by Lizzie Grieve on 10 January 2008
If Lizzie Grieve looks at picture #4888 she will see more of her family. Front row 5 from left Brian Adamson. Far right, the same Lily and back row beneath Mr Samuels right shoulder, Charlie Adamson.
Added by William Watters on 12 January 2008
Front row: L/Right (1)My sister Wendy Borwick (2) Isobel Harald (5) My sister Barbara Borwick (7) Lilian .....? Third Row: (3) Peggy .....? Played a mean accordian. Fifth Row: (3) John Bews. My other sister Nora also used to work at the Ayr Grading Station but left to get married.
Added by Edward Borwick on 18 March 2008
The lady beside Dorothy Newlands, 4th from the right, is Rosa Dearness, I think!
Anonymous comment added on 19 March 2008
Can anyone tell me anything about Nan Yates, 4th row 4th left, a great uncle from Darlington married and had children with a girl from Orkney, she returned when things didn’t work out think this maybe her they had 2/3 children. Would love to know more
Added by A.M on 15 April 2018
I'm not quite sure because it is so many years ago but if the Douglas Cooper the person on the extreme right in the back row is the Douglas Cooper who played in the Band in Kirkwall. If it is I have a letter I got from him many years ago.
Added by Val on 16 August 2020
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