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Earl Sigurd
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Earl Sigurd

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Picture added on 23 December 2008
Earl Sigurd approaching Stronsay Pier circa 1958. I submitted same picture some time ago.
Added by Bill Miller on 11 February 2009
What happy memories! Clad in dungarees, oil can in hand and supervised by Chief Engineer Harcus, I kept the conrod (or something) properly lubricated from Kirkwall to Westray at the start (and end) of my summer holidays as a callow youth of some 10-14 years. (No Health and Safety Executive then - hurrah!)
Correct me if I'm wrong, but did not this Sigurd do 6kts (flat out) and the Earl Thorfinn do 7kts? However, I was told the Thorfinn had a bent keel and 'scalloped' through the water at the same overall 6kts.
'Races' between these boats on Island Holidays when they were both heading for Kirkwall about the same time produced great plumes of black smoke from both funnels as the stokers kept the boilers at full pressure.
Blue Ribbon? Pah! This was the real thing!
Added by Bill Hercus on 11 February 2009
Think it looks like she's actually going astern. Nice picture though!
Added by Tommy Tullock - Kirkwall on 19 July 2009
This picture was taken by my uncle Ernie Harris
Added by Flora Brown on 04 July 2012
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